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Rebels Quarterback Andy Denehy in pose.
(c) Gary Dibble

Atlantic Cup

The Atlantic Cup is weekend tournament for teams out of the Atlantic region like Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

The first Atlantic Cup was a weekend tournament for four teams. The Amsterdam Panthers (Netherlands), the Dublin Rebels (Ireland), the Dudelange Dragons (Luxembourg) and the West-Vlaanderen Tribes (Belgium) played in Brussels the weekend of June 26th-28th 2009.

The club from the Irish island is the first official representative on the European continent in an EFAF competition, but the team from Belgium is the first one back in Europe after a long rest since the late nineties. The Amsterdam Junior Team is already known in the Dutch neighbour countries, but now the teams steps first time into Europe with the senior team.

Rebels RB Sam Hodgkins jumps over Defender during Atlantic Cup Game
(c) Gary Dibble
Rebels RB Sam Hodgkins jumps over Defender during Atlantic Cup Game
(c)Gary Dibble
Atlantic-Cup II will be held in Dublin, Ireland, on June 26th and 27th 2010. The tournament will take place at University College,Dublin(UCD). Particpants will be Brussels Bulls (Belgium), Dudelange Dragons (Luxembourg), Lelystadt Commanders (Netherlands), Limerick Vikings (Ireland).

In 2011 Atlantic Cup Tournament III will be held in Dudelange (Luxembourg).

Atlantic Cup is played in general always on last weekend of June.

Teams participating might be different every year.


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