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Valencia Bats
(c) Valencia Bats

ADT Valencia Firebats

Country: Spain

Founded: 1992

Homepage of the ADT Valencia Firebats

The team VALENCIA BATS was born in Valencia, in April of 1993, founded by some young people that loved to play this sport.

The beginings were really hard, when the few players participated in city´s sport events, as citizen´s “marathón”, UNICEF´S partyes, etc, promoting the team and american football, in this way they were able to bring a lot of young players to the team´s discipline, and be finnally part of the sport of the city.

The first national oficial tournement they were included was the (93-94) American Football League (A.F.L.), where finished in 5th place, instead of few Money and experience.

In the next season, 94-95, A.E.F.A. (Agrupación Española de Fútbol Americano) was created as national board, leading the american football in Spain, and making possible the National League, with 18 former teams. The Bats finished in 11st final position. Elliott Klein was the Coach.

In 95-96, the 1ª División was reduced to 12 teams, to increase the playing skills, and our team finished in the 10th place, also this year the junior category was created, and two of the junior players were present in the national junior team in Frankfurt’96.

In 96-97, the GENERALITAT VALENCIANA (regional government) gives the club the “elite” status, registering in the elite clubes register, with the number 4246, and gives the first oficial subvention to the club.
Bill Bannantine, was the new coach, in substitution of E. Klein, and the team finishes in the 7th place.

In 97-98, improving the team´s levels, the Bats finísh in the semi final, against the PIONERS L´HOSPITALET, being finnally 3rd in the classification, winning the right to participate next year in the “EFAF CUP”

In 98-99, the club has not enaugh Money and finnally cant afford the european competition, and in national league, they finíshed in 5th place, and in semi-finals in the Spanish Cup.

In 99-00, some veteran players are retired, and the team´s skill falls to the 6th place in nacional league, and quarter finals in the Spanish Cup.
The good new was the inclussion of the team in the local sport clubes association, among other emblematic clubes of Valencia, receiving more help from the public institutions.

Season 00-01 is the first that foreign players are brought to Valencia, and 55 total roster is completed. The team improves the level and finísh in semi finals only by 2 points of difference…
We were again qualified to the EFAF´s Cup.

In 01-02, five former players were called to the national team, and the team asumes the first internacional tournement, EFAF CUP, against Roma Marines.
In national league, the team finísh in the 6th place.

In 02-03, five more players are included in the national team, and our QB Fernando Altarriba becomes the first valencian player playing football out of Spain, in the german league with the Hannover Musketteers, but in or nacional league, the 6th place was re-edited.

In 03-04 we come back to the semi-finals in the nacional league, but again were defeated and finished 3rd place, qualifing 3rd time for the EFAF´s Cup.

The season 04-05 is the worst season in the club´s history, instead the great starting, playing the first national final game in the Spanish Cup, we lost against PIONERS in the last minute, The nacional league was absolutely different, due to the retirement of several players, we decline the european participation and the team finís in the 6th position.

In the year 05-06, the team reacts conforming the best team in the club´s history, and becomes first time in our history NATIONAL CHAMPION, qualifing first time also to dispute the EFL.
In Spanish Cup, the team was defeated in semi-finals by Madrid.

In the season 06-07, the club acomplish the best regular season, with the all time best deffence, (only 3 TD allowed in 8 games) winning Madrid in semi-finals 13-00, and the final in a spectacular game against BADALONA DRAGS (21-47) in Badalona.
In Spanish Cup, the team fell in Semi-final, against a stronger and experienced Madrid Osos team.

The 07-08, it was a similar development, ending the regular in second place, defeating Madrid again in semis, but being defeated in Seville in a nice final against Pioners de L´Hospitallet. In Europe we faced Coventry Jets away, and Oslo Vikings at home, loosing both games, going step by step.

The 08-09 season was one of the best team group ever seen in Valencia, the regular season ended tied in won and lost games with the 1st and 2nd, in 3rd place only because a worse score ratio. That meant we faced a hard Hospitalet Pioners in probably the best semifinal game ever played in Spain, just defined when Pioners scored a TD to lead the score, with only 3 seconds left, and next to that, The firebats answered with a spectacular fantasy play, crossing the whole grid to score the definitive winning TD.
After that, the final game was held in Valencia, defeating Badalona Dracs, and winning the 3rd national championship at home and with pretty good tv coverage.

Season 09-10 has been a 50% fail and success, the team had probably the best roster of its history, qualifying for the EFL quarterfinals and being defeated there by a powerfull Swarco Riders, and arriving to the national championship game as well (the only one team in spain having 5 final games in a row), but loosing the championship against Pioners.

In the 2010-2011 the team goes into strong changes, mostly about sport structure, and decide to reach Coach Aitor Montesinos, a national coach who starts a new program. He changes the team´s profile into more national profile, and only with 2 imports, the team arrives to the semi-finals, being defeated only in the overtime, ending as 3rd in the national league.

POLIESPORTIU QUATRE CARRERES C/ ANGEL VILLENA S/N 46013 (Valencia) Its an artificial turf, so Metallic cleats are forbiden. --> Way to Stadium

Valencia Bats

++34 629 636 530

++34 963 172 139


PR Releases Valencia Firebats
27.04.2011Water Games in Valencia
05.05.2010Valencia is beaten by Templiers
21.04.2009Braunschweig beats Valencia
21.04.2008Valencia Firebats beaten by Oslo Vikings
18.04.2007INNSBRUCK beats Valencia 39 : 6

Games of Valencia Firebats
EFAF05.05.1217:00hValencia Firebats vs. Hohenems Blue Devils104:0(24:0/40:0/16:0/24:0)
EFAF07.04.1218:00hGrenoble Centaures vs. Valencia Firebats30:0(14:0/9:0/0:0/7:0)
EFAF14.05.1115:00hAmsterdam Crusaders vs. Valencia Firebats27:19(7:13/7:0/6:6/7:0)
EFAF23.04.1117:00hValencia Firebats vs. London Blitz0:20 
EFL15.05.10--Tirol Raiders vs. Valencia Firebats55:13(14:7/14:0/21:0/6:6)
EFL02.05.1012:00hValencia Firebats vs. Elancourt Templiers35:18(6:6/7:0/14:0/8:12)
EFL03.04.1015:00hBergamo Lions vs. Valencia Firebats27:22(0:0/21:15/0:7/6:0)
EFL18.04.0917:00hValencia Firebats vs. Braunschweig Lions19:47(0:7/6:13/0:7/13:20)
EFL04.04.0920:00hBolzano Giants vs. Valencia Firebats20:0(14:0/0:0/0:0/6:0)
EFL19.04.0817:00hValencia Firebats vs. Oslo Vikings9:38(0:7/0:14/9:7/0:10)
EFL12.04.0814:30hCoventry Jets vs. Valencia Firebats36:16(0:3/12:7/12:0/12:6)
EFL28.04.0715:00hBergamo Lions vs. Valencia Firebats41:8 
EFL14.04.0717:00hValencia Firebats vs. Tirol Raiders6:39(0:14/0:19/0:6/6:0)

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