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Team Information

Zurich Renegades
(c) Zurich Renegades

Zurich Renegades

Country: Swizerland

Founded: 1983

Homepage of the Zurich Renegades


Teams National and International Achievements

The American Football Club ZURICH RENEGADES was founded in 1983 and is the oldest active American Football Team in Switzerland.

Two strong time periods stand out in the team’s 22 years history. Our first title in Switzerland was won in 1987, followed by the second in 1988. This same year the ZURICH RENEGADES participated in the Eurobowl for the first time and travelled to London.

The seasons from 2000 to the present are clearly the second run of success in the clubs history. After our first appearance in the Swiss final game in more than a decade in the year 2000, we won Swiss titles number three and four in 2001 + 2002.

After loosing the semi-final game in the Swiss Championship in 2003 by one point, we got back on the throne in 2004. It was the Renegades second “perfect season” after 2002, in a 3-year time span. With our 53 : 12 victory against our local rival Winterthur Warriors in Swiss Bowl XIX, we topped our score from the year 2002 and achieved the highest score and point differential in Swiss Bowl history.

In 2004, we had our second appearance in the EFAF Cup. We managed to beat the Austrian representative Danube Dragons and after loosing against the PA Knights from England, we missed the qualification for the EFAF Cup Semi-finals by just a few points.

In 2005 the ZURICH RENEGADES remain at the top of American Football in Switzerland. After losing both of the regular season games and being behind 00 : 14 in the final game against the local rival and runner-up Winterthur Warriors, the ZURICH RENEGADES managed to defend their title from 2004 and won the Swiss Bowl XX with a score of 37 : 14.

This was our 4th national title since 2001 and brings the total number of our championships to six.

In 2005, we had our third consecutive appearance in the EFAF Cup. The first game in the EFAF Cup 2005 we lost against the later EFAF Cup winner Marburg Mercenaries from Germany and the second one against the Hohenems Blue Devils from Austria.

In 2006 we will have our 4th appearance in the EFAF Cup and we hope to be able to show our improvements on international level.

The ZURICH RENEGADES are back on track!

With a clear victory of 52 : 27 in Swiss Bowl XXIII against the Landquart Broncos, the Swiss Champion of 2003, the ZURICH RENEGADES won their 7th national title in 2008. This is the 5th title of the Renegades since 2001, underlining the dominance in this millennium.

In 2009, the Zurich Renegades will have the 5th appearance in the EFAF Cup. The biggest success so far was the achievement of the semi-final in 2006, where we lost against the later EFAF Cup winner 2006, the Graz Giants.

The American Football Club ZURICH RENEGADES could celebrate in 2008 the 25th year of its existence and is the oldest still existing American Football Team in Switzerland.

2009 brought the 8th appearance of the Renegades in the last 10 Swiss Bowls. What a performance! Totally, the Renegades participated in 11 of the 24 Swiss Bowls played so far and won 7 championships.

Unfortunately we failed last season to bring our total number of titles on national level to 8. This time, the better end was on the side of our last year’s challenger, the Calanda Broncos. They won the game 35 : 23.

In 2010, the Zurich Renegades will have the 6th appearance in the EFAF Cup. The biggest success so far was the achievement of the semi-final in 2006, where we lost against the later EFAF Cup winner 2006, the Graz Giants.

The 2009 EFAF season of the Renegades brought a clear 28 : 6 victory against the British Champion, the Coventry Jets. The second game of the tournament we lost against a strong later EFAF Cup 2009 winner Prague Panthers after a game which was even for a long time. This was the early end of our dream to move on into the next round of the EFAF Cup.

2010 we will try again to survive the first round against the Spanish Champion of 2008, the Pioners de L’Hospitalet and the EFAF Cup finalist of 2008, the Parma Panthers from Italy.

Head Coach: Mr. Dave Ritchie

President: Dr. Alex Trost

Team Contact: Mr. Thomas Zarinac

Address: Zurich Renegades
8000 Zürich - Switzerland
Phone: ++41 79 683 38 62
++41 43 204 05 16
Fax: ++41 43 204 05 50
Homepage www.renegades.ch
E-Mail: gmsports@renegades.ch

Stadium Buchholz, Uster/ZH

Zurich Renegades

++41 79 683 38 62
++41 41 748 72 43

++41 41 748 71 81


PR Releases Zurich Renegades
20.04.2009Zurich Renegades beat Coventry Cassidy Jets
27.07.2008Zurich Renegades are back on track
13.06.2006Zurich Renegades` EFAF Cup adventure ends
24.05.2006Zurich Renegades move forward to EFAF Cup semi-final
01.05.2006Renegades EFAF Cup victory against Templiers never in danger
18.07.2005Zurich Renegades Swiss Champion
03.05.2005Marburg wins against Zurich
17.05.2004Close game between Zurich and Danube

Games of Zurich Renegades
EFAF15.05.1021:00hParma Panthers vs. Zurich Renegades49:7(14:0/21:0/14:0/0:7)
EFAF01.05.1019:15hZurich Renegades vs. L'Hospitalet Pioners19:20(0:7/6:0/3:3/10:10)
EFAF02.05.0914:00hPrague Panthers vs. Zurich Renegades39:21(12:7/6:7/7:7/14:0)
EFAF18.04.0918:00hZurich Renegades vs. Coventry Jets28:6(0:0/7:0/7:0/14:6)
EFAF10.06.0618:30hZurich Renegades vs. Graz Giants9:25(3:8/0:0/6:14/0:3)
EFAF21.05.0611:00hZurich Renegades vs. Farnham Knights41:8(14:0/13:0/7:8/7:0)
EFAF07.05.0612:00hAmsterdam Crusaders vs. Zurich Renegades13:38(0:7/0:16/0:2/13:13)
EFAF29.04.0619:00hZurich Renegades vs. Elancourt Templiers42:13(28:7/14:0/0:0/0:6)
EFAF15.05.0515:00hHohenems Blue Devils vs. Zurich Renegades40:6(0:0/21:0/19:0/0:6)
EFAF30.04.0518:00hZurich Renegades vs. Marburg Mercenaries3:21(0:0/3:7/0:0/0:14)
EFAF23.05.0412:00hFarnham Knights vs. Zurich Renegades21:13(7:3/0:0/7:7/7:3)
EFAF15.05.0419:30hZurich Renegades vs. Danube Dragons35:28(14:0/7:7/0:6/0:15)

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