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Zurich Renegades
(c) Zurich Renegades


01.05.2006 Zurich Renegades

Renegades EFAF Cup victory against Templiers never in danger

In a single-edged game, the incumbent Swiss Champion defeated the French Elancourt Templiers on home ground with 42:13. Herewith, the door is opened to reach the next round of the EFAF Cup. This would be the first time that a Swiss team endures the group phase in the EFAF cup and therefore has the possibility to qualify for the ¼ finals.

Facing the knights
(c) Zürich Renegades
Facing the knights
(c)Zürich Renegades

April 29, 2006, Stadium Buchholz, Uster, 800 spectators

The Templiers had won the first group game against the Amsterdam Crusaders (Holland) with 23:0.

Thus, the Renegades would be able to reach a first position of the group, even when suffering a defeat in Amsterdam the coming weekend.

As in the first both championship games against Winterthur and Biel, the Renegades acted impressively. With their traditional running play they left no chance to the opponent. Furthermore some nice passes could be seen. Two of the total six Touchdowns were scored by receiver Andres Trautmann.

The big advantage of the Renegades seems to be the depth of the team, especially in the Offense. Despite using several running backs, the team was able keep the pace and could constantly move forward. Three players could score with runs: Oliver Fröhlich, Lucas Wetzel and twice QB Fabian Munoz from short distance.

All of the Renegades points were scored in the first half of the game. In the second half, the Renegades missed to score more points even from promising field positions. This point will have to be improved to conquer in more close games.

The Defense always had the opponent under control. Especially the Defense Line caused big problems to the Templiers. Several times, QB Mattison had to throw the ball under big pressure or had to run himself. Elancourt seemed to have trouble with the running play on the wet field. With a few exceptions, only passes were played. Still twice the Templiers managed to score with big plays.

Especially impressive was Zurich’s dominance in the special teams. Extra Points were never endangered. Kicker Adrian Keller had a good performance. Punts and Kick Offs were well placed and brought the French in bad field positions. Furthermore, the French Returners saw hardly the 10 yard line after picking up the ball. The Renegades’ newly acquired American Tommas Hackenbruck forced several fumbles.

The next game of the Renegades in the EFAF Cup will take place next Sunday, May 07 in Amsterdam.

6:0 TD O. Fröhlich, 6 y run
7:0 EP A. Keller
13:0 TD L. Wetzel 3 y run
14:0 EP A. Keller
14:6 TD D. Francis 52 y pass
14:7 EP E. Charret
20:7 TD A. Trautmann 50 y pass
21:7 EP A. Keller
27:7 TD A. Trautmann 35 y pass
28:7 EP A. Keller
34:7 TD F. Munoz, 1 y run
35:7 EP A. Keller
41:7 TD F. Munoz, 1y run
42:7 EP A. Keller
42:13 TD A. Brethes, 10 y pass
42:13 conversion failed, final score

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