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Berlin Adler
(c) Berlin Adler


18.04.2006 Berlin Adler

A flattering victory

In the HUDDLE, the German magazine for American Football (www.huddle.de), you can read this week about the game:

(c) EFAF

In the first game of the year, the Berlin Adler played against the reigning Czech champion Prague Lions at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahnsportpark in Berlin. The Adler had more trouble than expected but were able to win this match with 14:09 in front of 512 spectators. Although the Adler had backlog in training, with the result that the team had not found their rhythm in the game, they partly played some good Football.

When the game was about to draw to a close, the team of Head Coach Dogan Özdincer showed good moral.

The Adler had the best offensive drives in the first and the fourth quarter, when the game was about to slip through their fingers. Both times they were able to bypass the whole field, with RB Björn Dreier and new entrant RB/WR Curtis Cooper doing most of the workload. Dreier was able to score a touchdown in each of these two drives which gave the Adler the lead.

New entrant QB Darius Outlaw showed that he was not able to show all his potential yet, but with more training he will find back to his old strengths.

Over some time in this game the Adler played too harmless and had more trouble with the Lions than they really wanted.
On the verge of halftime RB Michal Formánek of the Prague Lions made the level score. In the middle of the third quarter the Prague Lions were able to take the lead with a Field Goal.

When the game was close to the end, it got dramatic. Prague was on the 2 Yard Line of the Berlin Adler and was about to score the winning touchdown but a Goal-Line-Stand of the Adler avoided the threatening defeat.

Adler Head Coach Özdincer said :" A win is a win. If someone has expected more at this time he is a dreamer. We are realists. Our team showed partly what we are able to do. What is missing now is constancy and fine tuning."

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