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New Yorker Lions are the first team to enter the Eurobowl XXXI

54:14 victory against the Badalona Dracs


The New Yorker Lions are the first team in this year's BIG6 competition to move into the Eurobowl XXXI. In front of 3,200 spectators in the Eintracht stadium, the team from Braunschweig defeated the Badalona Dracs 54:14 (20:0/24:0/10:7/0:7) and won the group with two victories in a week.

Against the Spanish guests the Lions showed a convincing performance particularly in the first half and never gave any doubts, who would leave the field as winner.

Already the first drive of the Catalans was ended abruptly and gave the hosts the first points when defensive Lineman Georg Burmeister intercepted a pass from Quarterback Sergi Gonzalo Arango and carried the ball 50 yards into the end zone of the Dracs.

A few minutes later the Lions increased their lead by a touchdown catch of Niklas Römer to 13:0, because this time also the PAT of Tobias Göbel was good. The kickoff was immediately conquered by the German champion. Casey Therriault found Niklas Römer in the end zone once again – 20:0.

The guests still not found a way to come back into the game. Again a pass was intercepted, this time by Linebacker Roni Salonen. This resulted in a successful fieldgoal from 32 yards from Tobias Goebel at the beginning of the second quarter.

After a sack and an unfortunate punt, Therriault needed only one play to increase the lead to 30:0 with a 30 yards touchdown pass to Justus Holz.

As the Spaniards had no idea to be successful offensively, the Germans continued diligently. First Christian Bollmann caught a touchdown pass, then also Runningback David McCants scored with a run into the end zone to a 44:0 half time lead.

After the break, the Lions gave their backups a chance, so the game flow decreased a little bit. After runningback Patrik Papke fumbeled, the guests also came to their first points, when Joan Carles Bartra Canero returned the ball to the Lions' end zone for 37 yards.

Afterwards the hosts scored again with a fieldgoal of Goebel and another interception return touchdown, this time by Tissi Robinson, to a 54:7 lead.

The Spaniards, anyway, were able to make the final score when wide receiver Joey Herrick Chamberlain caught the second touchdown-pass of the guests.

The Lions now have the chance to win the title for the third time in a row. Who will be the opponent in the Eurobowl XXXI will be decided in the next games of group B.

BIG6, Group A: New Yorker Lions - Badalona Dracs 54:14

06:00 50 yards interception return TD G. Burmeister (PAT not good)
13:00 8 yards TD pass C. Therriault to N. Römer (PAT T. Goebel)
20:00 9 yards TD pass C. Therriault to N. Römer (PAT T. Goebel)
23:00 32 yards fieldgoal T. Goebel
30:00 30 yards TD pass C. Therriault to J. Holtz (PAT T. Goebel)
37:00 37 yards TD pass C. Therriault to C. Bollmann (PAT T. Goebel)
44:00 11 yards TD run D. McCants (T. Goebel)
44:07 37 yards fumble return-TD J.C. Bartra Canero (PAT X.G. Arango)
47:07 26 yards fieldgoal T. Goebel
54:07 20 yards interception return TD T. Robinson (PAT T. Goebel)
54:14 37 yards TD pass S. Gonzalo Arango to J. Herrick Chamberlain (PAT X. G. Arango)

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