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BIG6: Seamen Milano win in the duel of the debutants against the Berlin Rebels


In the duel of the debutants of the BIG6 the Seamen Milano beat their opponents of the Berlin Rebels very close only with one point with 14:13.

In front of 1200 fans in the Stadio Breda Sesto San Giovanni the guests from Berlin had the better start and came to a field goal attempt right in their first drive. However, kicker Philipp Andersen failed from 37 yards.

So the first quarter remained without points, because the defensive squads of both teams held. At the start of the second quarter this time the hosts had the chance to take the lead through a field goal. But also Stefano Di Tunisi did not manage to shoot the egg from 38 yards through the goal posts.

It was then the defense of the Rebels reserved to achieve the first touchdown of the game. Milan's quarterback Luke Zahradka was sacked in the half of the guests by Rory Johnson and fumbled. Berlin's Tuna Hiller snapped the ball and carried it to the opposing end zone for 55 yards. In addition to Andersen's extra point, the team from the German capital led 7:0. This also meant half-time.

After the break again the Berlin team had the better start and scored for a second time. Quarterback Jason Harris served wide receiver Matthias Wolff with a fine pass for a 45 yards touchdown. Kicker Andersen, however, failed two times with the extra point so that the Rebels could extend the lead only to 13:0.

This should take revenge.

Immediately on the next drive the Seamen in person of running back Danilo Bonaparte shortened with a 3-yard-run into the end zone. The team from Milan took full risk and even a fourth try during the drive - with success. The PAT of Di Tunisi was successful and the hosts were able to shorten the result to 7:13.

For the Seamen it should be even better. After the Italienīs defense was able to stop the offense of the Rebels, Milan already managed a further touchdown in the next drive, also favored by two unnecessary penalties by the Germans for a total of 30 yards. This time it was Quarterback Zahradka himself, who ran from three yards into the end zone. Inclusive the successful extra point of Di Tunisi, the Seamen led for the first time and defended this narrow result also to the end.

Both teams must now compete against the Samsung Frankfurt Universe in Group B of the BIG6.

BIG6, Group B: Seamen Milano - Berlin Rebels 14:13

00:07 55 yard fumble return TD T. Hiller (PAT P. Andersen)
00:13 45 yards TD pass J. Harris to M. Wolff (PAT P. Andersen missed)
07:13 3 yards TD run D. Bonaparte (PAT S. Di Tunisi)
14:13 3 yards TD run L. Zahradka (PAT S. Di Tunisi)

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