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Start of the BIG6 on Saturday

Duel of the record champion and the newcomers -
Amsterdam Crusaders - New Yorker Lions, Seamen Milan - Berlin Rebels


All football fans are looking forward to the start of the BIG6 this weekend. In contrast to previous years, some new teams face the challenge of moving into the Eurobowl 2017, which involves a few explosive duels.

So in Amsterdam on Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Sloten Sportpark, when the Dutch and German title holders and record champions will meet in the duel of the local Crusaders and the New Yorker Lions from Braunschweig. Both teams have won a total of 29 national titles so far, plus two Eurobowl victories from Amsterdam and four of the North Germans.

However, the glorious international time of the Dutch has been a while ¬- the titles were won in 1991 and 1992. The Lions, on the other hand, were able to enter the winners' list in the past two years.

The last season of the EFL, however, showed the home team ambitions for a further participation in the finals, when the Crusaders won at the former title defendants of Kiel after extra time and could only be stopped in the final by the Frankfurt Universe.

One advantage for Amsterdam: The actual season! The Dutch have already played six times in the domestic league, all games have been won with a clear result.

In any case, the title defender from Braunschweig, as last year, goes into the opening debut of the BIG6 without any game preparation. In addition, the squad was changed to 20 (!) positions - a clear change, especially in defense.

However, the offense remains well covered with many experienced and high-profile players. Quarterback Casey Therriault, along with his important wide Receivers Christian Bollmann, Niklas Römer and Jan Hilgenfeld, the complete offensive line and running back David McCants could be saved for this season. With Stacey Bryant from the Berlin Rebels the Lions also transferred a strong backup for McCants.

Both teams are prepared to deliver a great, exciting game.

Also at 3 p.m., the home team of the Seamem Milan will meet the Berlin Rebels at Stadio Breda Sesto San Giovanni. The Italians already played five matches in their domestic league, of which they have won four. The only defeat so far was against the city rivals, the Milano Rhinos.

But for the encounters of the BIG6, the Italian champions of 2015 and 2016 have once again strengthened themselves with players from the USA, who also had great experience in European leagues. Like Quarterback Luke Zahradka, who was already active as a playmaker in Prague, Ancona and Amiens. Linebacker Tyler Drake from the University of Pennsylvania was committed only for the BIG6 games.

For the guests of the Berlin Rebels it is as well as for the Italians the debut in the BIG6. After the Eagles, another team from the German capital will continue to play a role in the highest European football league.
The fourth of the North Group of the GFL 2016 does not have any serious game expirience, the season in the GLF has not started, so a form analysis is not possible yet.

The hopes rest on the new quarterback James Harris. The 25-year-old is not an emergency, but a desire player. "With James, we have achieved an absolute blessing," said head coach Kim Kuci. He observed the 25 years old US-American for a long time.

On Saturday it will be decided whether the hopes, which are on Harris, came true for the first time in Milan.

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