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17.02.2017 IFAF Europe

Letter to IFAF Europe Members: General Information about IFAF Europe

IFAF Europe CA Logo
(c) IFAF Europe
IFAF Europe CA Logo
(c)IFAF Europe

February 15, 2017

IFAF Europe Members

General Information about IFAF Europe

Dear friends in Sport!

The IFAF Europe Managing Committee (MC) conducted its first working meeting on February 12, 2017 in Barcelona. We have informed you yesterday about the general results. We will provide you with some more detailed information shortly.

As not all of you had been on the founding meeting of IFAF Europe Continental Association (CA) we would like to take the opportunity to provide you with some basic information about our new joint organization.

Attached you will find the IFAF Europe CA statutes as well as Art. 6 of the IFAF statutes.

The IFAF Congress on September 17, 2016 in Paris adopted a structure of IFAF which allows the foundation of continental associations (again). Art. 6 of the IFAF statutes requires that the majority of the IFAF members from the respected continent to be members of the continental association and the IFAF Presidium has to grant recognition. Both acts had been performed in Paris on September 17, 2016. 23 out 40 IFAF national federation members from Europe had been present in Paris and founded the new continental federation. The IFAF Presidium granted recognition the same day.

According Art. 4 of the IFAF Europe statutes the full members of IFAF Europe shall be American Football bodies of countries belonging to the continent of Europe, which are recognized as full members by the IFAF.

Therefore all IFAF full members of IFAF from the continent of Europe those being present in Paris on September 17, 2016 and those not being there are IFAF Europe members. Those IFAF full members wanting not to be affiliated with the new IFAF Continental Association for Europe may send a letter of resignation to the IFAF Europe Office. This letter has to be send by registered mail to the general secretary. Please note that in case of the resignation clubs, national teams and players from your countries may not anymore be eligible to compete in competitions under the umbrella of IFAF Europe CA such as European Championships, European U19 Championships as well as club competitions organized by IFAF Europe CA. Also it might result in teams from IFAF Europe member countries to not be eligible to compete against those from non-member countries.

The basic membership fee according Art. 7 of the IFAF Europe statutes was decide by the General Meeting with 100 EUR per year. The additional fee according the same Article is 100 EUR. In case you have not send any notification of your individual member number by at the latest January 1, 2017 or your individual member number does not exceed 2.500 your membership fee is 100 EUR.

The membership fee for any year is due on January 1st of that year. Membership fees paid after March 31st of any year are overdue. If a member is overdue the member loses voting right in the general assembly unless the managing committee decides to grant an extension. Membership fees may not be set off by a member against any other debt or claim.

You will receive the membership fee invoice within the next days. Please make sure that you pay at the lasted by March 31st. Please note that the membership fee is due never less you have received an invoice or not.

If you have any question please feel free to send a message to office.europe@ifaf.info or to any or the members of the Managing Committee.

Best regards

Enrique Garcia de Castro

IFAF Statutes Art. 6 Continental Associations
Statutes IFAF Continental Association of Europe

European Federation of American Football