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14.11.2010 EFAF

EFL and EFAF Cup groupings ready

EFAF Club Meeting 06-11-10
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EFAF Club Meeting 06-11-10

The preliminary groupings for EFL and EFAF Cup were agreed on in EFAF Club Team meeting in Mallorca, Spain. A total of 13 teams from 8 countries will take part in the EFL next year, and EFAF Cup will consist of 11 clubs, representing 9 different countries.

Because of next year's World Cup in Austria, the EFL schedule is pushed a little earlier than in the past years. The Eurobowl will be played in the weekend of June 18th-19th. The quarterfinal dates are planned for early May, and the semifinals for the last weekend of May.

EFL Group 1: Prague Panthers and Danube Dragons. The winner of the two games between the Panthers and the Dragons will face the defending champions Berlin Adler in the quarterfinals.

EFL Group 2: Kiel Baltic Hurricanes and Carlstad Crusaders. The winner will face the Graz Giants in the quarterfinals.

EFL Group 3: Amiens Spartiates and Badalona Dracs. The winner will face the Swarco Raiders Tirol in the quarterfinals.

EFL Group 4: L`Hospitalet Pioners, Parma Panthers and Calanda Broncos. The winner will face the Vienna Vikings in the quarterfinals.

EFAF Cup Group 1: Thonon Black Panthers, Rhinos Milano, Prague Black Hawks

EFAF Cup Group 2: Hohenems Blue Devils and Kragujevac Wild Boars

EFAF Cup Group 3: Sollerod Gold Diggers, Paris Cougars and Coventry Jets

EFAF Cup Group 4: London Blitz, Amsterdam Crusaders and Valencia Firebats

The specific dates for the group games will be finalised later.

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