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02.11.2010 EFAF

EFAF Delegation vists Wembley Stadion

EFAF Wembley Tour 2010
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EFAF Wembley Tour 2010

A delegation of EFAF visited the Wembley Stadion the day before NFL International Game.

The delegation was guided by Bill McConnell, NFL Director of the International Series Game Operations.

The group was able to visiting the whole game facilities and was impressed by the high standard for the stadium and game organization.

Members of the delegation had been members of the recent EFAF 2010 European Championships Organizing Committee at Frankfurt as well as staff of the upcoming World Championships 2011 at Austria.

The whole visit was part of the EFAF Business Development program which was recently launched with support of the NFL. The idea of the program is to share knowledge between the organizers of American Football events in Europe to be able to raise the standard of American Football in whole Europe.

First activity inside the program was the tournament observation program during EFAF European Championships 2010 at Frankfurt (Germany) where administrators of EFAF member federation could join the LOC during the tournament.

The tournament observation program shall contiune during the final tournament of the EFAF European Junior Championships 2011 at Spain and at the World Championships at Austria.

A special thank of EFAF goes to Scott Hallenbeck, Executive Director of USA Football, and Matthew Joyce, NFL International, which helped preparing that experience.

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