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20.10.2010 AFVD

German Bowls at Magdeburg

Magdeburg Stadium - Home of German Bowl XXXIII
(c) AFVD
Magdeburg Stadium - Home of German Bowl XXXIII

German federation AFV Deutschland has announced to stage future German Football League finals at Magdeburg. The German Bowl, Europe's most-attended American Football event with the exception of the annual NFL International Game at London, will be played at the MDCC-Arena Magdeburg in 2011 and at least for two more years. The AFVD agreed on terms with MDCC-Arena's operator, the „1.FC Magdeburg Stadion- und Sportmarketing GmbH„, also in charge of the city's renowned soccer club. The MDCC-Arena has a capacity of 27,750 and was newly built in 2006. Stands are roofed completely, the modern stadium also features two video walls and promises an exciting atmosphere because spectators are seated close to the playing field with no running track in MDCC-Arena.

With its decision AFVD is continuing its commitment to hold the annual German championship in Central Germany and in a modern stadium, partnering with experienced sports business companies for the local marketing of the event. The three recent German Bowls at Frankfurt's Commerzbank-Arena draw attendance figures of up to 16,000, all-time record attendance figures for neutral site games in German American Football as well as for European American Football.

The long-term commitment is accompanied by the recognition of the current situation in Germany's GFL. The most successful teams in the 14-team first division of American Football in Germany recently came from Kiel, Berlin, Marburg, Dresden and Braunschweig. And Magdeburg, a mid-size town in the centre of Gemany, nearly exactly marks the centre of the region these five teams cover. After 32 years of German Bowl history and two decades of German re-unification the final game of next year's GFL season will also be the first German Bowl to be played on former GDR soil.

„We certainly found a perfect host for our upcoming German Bowls“, stated AFVD president Robert Huber. „The MDCC-Arena is a state-of-art facility, perfectly sized for our needs. The 1.FCM Stadion- und Sportmarketing GmbH is a highly professional and experienced partner for our marketing goals, and we should see another boost for our highlight event at Magdeburg.“ „We are delighted that AFV Deutschland chose Magdeburg as its German Bowl site. And we are proud to host one of Germany's top sporting events for at least three years in the MDCC-Arena“, added Rüdiger Bartsch, managing director of the 1. FCM Stadion- und Sportmarketing GmbH.

American Football league play in Germany was invented in 1979, making Germany the pioneer for all European American Football activities. The first German Bowl was staged in 1979 as well. Approximately 300 clubs with more than 40,000 individual members constitute today's AFV Deutschland. Amongst all member federations of Germany's sports governing body DOSB the AFVD has been one of the five federations with the strongest growth year by year in recent past. Especially on youth and junior levels AFVD member clubs enjoy stable growth. Based on that Germany currently is the reigning European champion on senior, junior and (flag football) youth level, a German club (Berlin Adler) is entering next year's EFL as reigning champion, and a German player, Sebastian Vollmer, up to now ist the only European player drafted to the NFL after starting to play American Football in an European club. German Bowls have attracted up to 30,400 visitors in the past, and American Football is the only sports discipline that has been established in the second half of the past century in Germany without dating back its roots to the pre-World-War-II-era.

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