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27.07.2010 EFAF

EC2010: Kadmiry makes the big leap

Finish Quarterback Miro Kadmiry
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Finish Quarterback Miro Kadmiry

The 2010 European championship tournament sees the senior-level debut of many quarterbacks of the future. Among the young quarterbacks playing their first men's tournament is 19-year old Miro Kadmiry, the starting quarterback for Team Finland.

On Tuesday, Kadmiry makes the leap from playing in the second level of football in Finland to facing Team Austria in the Finns' EC2010 opener.

"Guys in the EC are bigger and faster, and everybody knows what they are doing. The passing windows are smaller", Kadmiry compares the competition he faces with his club team TAFT Vantaa to that of the European Championships.

"We run quite a similar offense in TAFT than in here, so it has helped me adjusting to the national team."

"We have our chances in the tournament", he assures of the five-time European champions' chances.

Kadmiry replaces longtime starter Petrus Penkki, who retired two years ago. Tuesday's game will be his first senior national team game. In the European Junior Championships in Sevilla two years ago, he played at wide receiver.

"Miro has got a strong arm, and he is one of the fastest players in the team. Also, he's already got a long experience in football. He is not going to lose games for us", says offensive coordinator Kim Wikström.

Finland meet Austria on Tuesday in Wetzlar and Germany Thursday in Wiesbaden.

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