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24.07.2010 EFAF

EC2010:´We´re ready´

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18 months of work by the organization committee, and now the kickoff is here. Germany and Austria start their quest for the gold Saturday night at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt.

- We're ready, says Marshall Happer, the executive rirector of the local organizing committee.

He says the organizers are expecting a total of 25-30 000 spectators during the weeklong tournament.

- Maybe more. It depends on the weather and how the German team does.

The organization consists of 250-300 people working on different tasks. The organizational chart includes the three host cities, the stadium company and also EFAF and the German federation.

- It's been great working with all of them, Happer praises.

The opening game, bronze medal game and the final are played in the Commerzbank arena.

- Playing there is a big deal for football. It is a first time we are in a FIFA World Cup venue.

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