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Calanda Broncos
(c) Calanda Broncos


21.07.2010 Calanda Broncos

Calanda Broncos win Efaf Cup title in heavy rain

Landquart Broncos 2002 Defense
(c) Landquart Broncos
Landquart Broncos 2002 Defense
(c)Landquart Broncos

The Calanda Broncos made a dream come true on Saturday evening: The
reigning Swiss Champion defeated the Swedish top team Carlstad
Crusaders in a duel of two of the last unbeaten teams in Switzerland
for the Efaf Cup title. The Broncs won in heavy rain and party
thunderstorms and a defensively dominated game in front of 1580
spectators in stadium Ringstrasse 17:3 (7:0, 7:0, 0:3, 3:0) and are
the first Swiss team to not only reach the final, but to also win it.

After two weeks of picture perfect summer weather in the Swiss alps,
two hours before the game the sky broke and rain started to pour down
on the magnificient field in Chur. This more or less didn't stop
during the whole game, got stronger in the second half, when some
thunder and lightning in the mountains resulted in a very wet and
almost bizarre scenery in front of a raucous and exciting crowd of
more than 1500 spectators.

The pass-oriented Crusaders were suffering from the beginning from the
bad weather circumstances, Quarterback star Rob Curley couldn't
establish any passing offense, so that the Swedes already started to
mix in Allrounder Mark Leggiero as Running Quarterback in the shotgun.
But it was the Broncos who had the better start. After deflected and
missed field goal of Tissi Robinson in the first quarter, it was the
German-American native, who made the first of the few big plays in the
game. Quarterback Sasha Glavic, who was starting for his
reconvalescent brother Marko (who gave a comeback on offense on
certain series in the second half) completed a 58-yard-pass to
Robinson for the biggest gain of the night. Two plays later, Robinson
scored on a reverse from 11 yards out. The Crusaders still struggled:
A punt in the second half was blocked and gave the Broncos great field
position, a couple of plays later it was Quarterback Sasha Glavic, who
scored with a short run from the 1-yard-line. The Crusaders finally
got something going before halftime, but their comeback tries were
destroyed with an Interception of Broncos Safety Matt Hammer. But the
undefeated leader of the Swedish national championship were not ready
to give up yet and stormed ferociously into the third quarter, got a
good drive until the 3-yard-line of the Broncos, but were stopped on
third down and had to settle for a field goal (14:3). As the weather
got worse, but offense couldn't establish anything anymore. The only
other substantial drive happened in the fourth quarter, as the Broncos
moved with a couple of nice runs by Running Back Greg Jones in field
goal territory. Robinson scored from 41 yards out for the final score
of 17:3.

As the weather had a great impact on both teams especially in the
second half, the Broncos deserved the win thanks to a inspired and
better showing in the first two quarter, when Tissi Robinson and Sasha
Glavic scored the only two touchdowns of the game. Too bad, that the
nice crowd didn't get a chance to see all the potential that is in
both teams, but at the end, everybody - obviously except of the classy
and professional Carlstad program - was happy at stadium Ringstrasse.

Calanda Broncos 177703
Carlstad Crusaders30030

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