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20.07.2010 Istanbul Cavaliers

Klek Knights won Challenge-Cup 2010

The club from the small northern serbian city Klek is the first team from Serbia winning an official EFAF title. Last weekend the Knights could win the second edition of the Challenge-Cup Final in Istanbul against the Istanbul Cavaliers by 36 : 14.

Both teams started to the game with conservative run based plays by trying to avoid mistakes. After 2 drives of each sides, the first quarter ended with no score, 0-0.

In the mids of second quarter; Klek Knights found the first touchdown with their superstar player #80 Vukoje (He is also the son of the Club President) and got the lead, 0-8. Cavaliers put the presaure to equliaze the game, but mistakes in the offense avoided them to score. In the last minute, Cavs went for 4th and 6 situation and caused a turnover after an incomplete pass. In the last minute, Knights offense made an excellent trick play with a reverse fake long pass complete from #80 (Vukoje) to #8, created a 50 yard touch down; so that the half time score was 0-14.

In the third quarter, Cavaliers tried to come back to the game. Again easy mistakes in the offense avoided them to score. Nevertheless, first score of Cavs came with an interception by #33 Can Demirel 6-14. However, Knights superstar #80 Vukoje appeared once again and scored the third touchdown of the visitor team after an excellent 30 yard passs play 6-22. Cavs answer this touchdown very quickly with their explosive running back Onat Yıldız #24 and bring the score to 14-22.

In the 4th quarter, Cavs continued to make mistakes in the offense. On the other side, #7 the quarter back of the Knights team found their #85 deep in the middle with a 25 yard touchdown pass and clinched score in the last 4 minutes of the game, 14-28. In the final minutes Knights found another touchdown with a run play by their #35 and finished the game by leading 14-36.

Istanbul Cavaliers140068
Klek Knights36014814

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