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18.06.2010 EFAF

Calanda Broncos will host Carlstad in EFAF Cup final

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Swiss champion Calanda Broncos will host the final game of this year's EFAF Cup against the Carlstad Crusaders from Sweden on Saturday, July 17. The game will be played at stadium Ringstrasse in Chur, home of the Broncos and cultural centre of the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The game will be played in the evening and the Broncos plan to stage a true „Bowl type event“, for which they already have partnered up with city authorities, local and national media and corporate sponsors.

The first ever qualification of a Swiss team for an European final in American Football has pathed the way for the Broncos to gain substantial attention for the sports and the club throughout Switzerland. A remarkable competition the EFAF Cup already has been so far, its final game promises to conclude the tournament on an even higher note and the strategic goals that EFAF pursues with its second European-wide club tournament besides EFL/Eurobowl to the utmost have been attained - at least in Switzerland. For instance usually a lot of Swiss sports stadiums in July generally are closed to provide the chance of recovery to the natural grass fields, especially needed due to the Alpine climate. But the city authorities of Chur did not hesitate to allow the Broncos an exemption on this otherwise strict Swiss rule to help them in their application for the game.

The stadium itself already saw two exciting EFAF Cup matches of the Broncos with the roofed main stands packed to its capacity. For the final game the Broncos will erect additional mobile stands on the opposite side and surround these with a party zone. In all, the EFAF Cup final should be the „talk of the town“ in Chur for the whole week of the final. And beyond the city or Graubünden as well - a private radio station partners up with the Broncos regularly and through its affiliation with a big media company now will help to put the EFAF Cup final on the national agenda: First a regional TV station signalled interest into the game, and additionally now national Swiss TV followed in their footsteps.

As the success the Calanda Broncos enjoyed in the current competition did not go unnoticed in the corporate world, the club currently experiences heavy interest in its activities from the local business sector. In that respect the Broncos are just the perfect blueprint for EFAF's intentions in organising its international club tournaments: European competitions are a key factor in building up relations with partners from the economic sector, in which international and global affairs are daily routine. To enable clubs from all countries and not only the „powerhouses“ to get their fair share in attention, the EFAF Cup competition has been established in 2003.

Its winner in that year were - the Carlstad Crusaders, who now return to the final game at Chur. In 2003 they beat the Tyrolean Raiders by 28-7, and this year they again will be a very strong contender for the hosts. Like the Calanda Broncos in the Swiss Nationalliga A the Cruaders currently remain unbeaten in the Swedish Superserien, so the game in July will be a true highlight for both clubs. The burden of a long road trip of course might be a factor, so it would be good advice to allocate the roles of favourite and underdog with a lot of caution. However, the Calanda Broncos give a fine example of true sportsmanship: In recognition of the travel hazzles the Swedes will have to go through, the Broncos' application bid for hosting the final for the most part addressed these aspects and is designed to generously provide the visiting team with a chance to field a competitive and well-rested team. So in all the scene should be set for a very exciting football night at Chur.

Home field advantage in the semifinals and finals of both EFL and EFAF Cup is awarded in a bidding process amongst the competing teams. The process was standardized by EFAF in 2009 and enables clubs to formally apply, if they wish to host one of these games. The EFAF Board of Directors after evaluation of all applications decides based on financial, strategic and quality aspects. The goal is to showcase the top European games to a broad public, thus past attendance figures or possible TV coverage are amongst the most important in the mix of criteria that leads to the decision.

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