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07.06.2010 Vienna Vikings

Eurobowl Semi Final Raiffeisen Vikings versus Turek Granz Giants

Vikings advance to Final after victory over Giants
(c) Vienna Vikings
Vikings advance to Final after victory over Giants
(c)Vienna Vikings

This year the final rounds of the Eurobowl were again dedicated to
three Austrian Clubs: While in the second EFL play off game in
Innsbruck, the Tyrolean Raiders met the last representative of
another nation, the Berlin Adler, it was a pure Austrian pairing in

While the Raiffeisen Vikings reached the play offs at the Paris
suburbs of La Courneuve with a clear 44:7 victory over the French
master Flash, the Turek Graz Giants advanced with a narrow 34:31 win
over the Danube Dragons from Klosterneuburg to the semifinal of the EFL.

Both the Raiffeisen Vikings as well as the Turek Graz Giants showed up
with full strength. Most of recently injured players from both teams
reported back and not even professional forecasters were able to
identify a clear favorite in advance.
The Vikings won the coin toss and opted to receiver the ball.
Just in the first drive Vikings QB Chris Gross threw a worth seeing
TD pass to Chauncey Calhoun, who caught the ball just before the end
zone and heaved himself against two players of the Defense Graz into
the end zone.

The Giants responded with a series of passing plays. But the Vikings
managed to stop the drive on their own 10 yd line with a Fumble
recovery. Also was a punt recovered in following unsuccessful drive by
the Vikings.
Vienna started now on the 40 yd line of Graz. The Vienna RB's Florian
Hiess and Josiah Cravalho brought the Vikings to the 5 yds line and
Chauncey Calhoun ran of the Quaterback position into the Enzone of Graz.

Already in the first half of the game, the Vikings player wearing
number 1 turned into the #1 Man of the Match: The Vikings Receiver
intercepted as a cornerback a pass of Graz QB Chris Gunns at the 5 yd
line and returned it, supported by his defense, into the end zone of

The following drive resulted in a Fieldgoal attempt of Graz, which was
failed from 23 yds.

1.5 minutes before half-time Graz became again the chance to put some
points the scoreboard due a recovered fumble. 3 seconds before the end
of the clock Vikings DL Armin Novidi tackled Chris Gunn to the ground
of the Stadium Hohe Warte.
With a score of 21:00 Vikings and giants went into the half tome break.

The second half Graz started with their offense. Although their attack
engine stuttered in Redzone of the Vikings, Graz playmaker Chris Gunn
sneaked into the end zone of the Vikings.

Spectacular the following Drive of the Vikings: a run of 25 yds from
RB Josiah Cravalho, followed by a long pass from #8 Christopher Gross
to #1 Chauncey Calhoun. Strongly pressed by cornerback and safety, he
managed to catch the ball. Then #25 Josiah Cravalho ran, by breaking
several tackles, invincible in the end zone from Graz. In the
following kick off, a flat line drive kick, jumped up unpredictable
and Graz again lost the ball Vienna could conquer the football in the
35 yd line.

Again a sensational touchdown catch by Chauncey Calhoun, caught with
his toes in the corner of the end zone, inreased the score to 34: 7.

#2 Peter Kramberger now scored his fifth extra point. Thew Viking
defense performance did not hide in the shade of their offense : Just
before the end of the third quarter, #12 Christian Salvinetti managed
to intercept a pass from Graz QB Chris Gunn. With courage born of
despair to the Graz Giants, succeeded in its next offensive series to
the 1 yd line of the Vikings. Graz RB Michael Andrew smashed himself
through the middle to score.
Two offensive series later, Chris Gunn lost the ball after a hard hit.
LB Philip Stojaspal could pick up the free ball and carried it up to
the 10 yd line of the Giants. The man with the yellow shoe, Vikings
kicker Peter Kramberger scored three points with a 30 yd Fieldgoal.

Chris Gunn, the quarterback from Graz showed his class again, as he
scrambled up to 25 yds line of the Vikings to in the last scoring
drive of the day. It was concluded with a short run through the middle
of Giants RB Mario Nerad.

SF 2
Vienna Vikings 380000
Graz Giants220000

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