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06.06.2010 Carlstadt Crusaders

Carlstad Crusaders vs. London Blitz EFAF Semi-final

Crusaders beats the Blitz
(c) Ingmarie Finsberg
Crusaders beats the Blitz
(c)Ingmarie Finsberg

This game was played on a beautiful Swedish summer day in front of 500 fans at Carlstad’s
Tingvalla stadium.
The London team showed from the start that
they were a spirited group, as they belted
out “God Save the Queen” at maximum
volume. They then came out with equal
volume on the field and the intent to be very
physical. London won the toss and on the
first play from scrimmage they busted off an
impressive 22 yard run by G. Dauley on
their favourite running play, the stretch to
the outside. At this point the London players
were already shouting, “all day, all day”.
However, it was not to be, because the
Crusaders dominant defensive line soon
gained control of the line of scrimmage.
The London running backs would only gain
another 23 net yards for the rest of the game.
The London players continued to play fast and physical, but as the game progressed into the
2nd quarter it became clear that the Crusaders had two big advantages – on the defensive line
and at QB. Rob Curley played his most efficient game at QB for the Crusaders this season,
finding the right receivers and making all the right throws, in addition to some key plays
where he improvised with his quick feet and heads up play.
After 5 possessions (3 for London, 2 for
Carlstad) neither team had scored. But
then the Crusaders scored TD’s on their
next 4 possessions, 3 of them in the 2nd
The first TD was keyed by a 24 yard pass
from Curley to Johan Stål, who held on
after a ferocious hit by Blitz DB Sanders-
Perc. Two plays later Curley found Ted
Olandersson on a boot leg in the back of
the endzone for a 2 yard TD. The kick
was converted by Victor Jansson.
Crusaders led 7-0.
The next TD was keyed by a 49 yard pass from Curley to
Fredrik Eklund. The drive was capped off by a 15 yard
catch and run from Curley to Christian Forsman. The extra
point was blocked. Crusaders led 13-0.
The half was now nearly over, but the Crusaders defense
held for a 3 and out, giving the Crusaders offense the ball
again at the London 40 yard line with 48 seconds to go. A
26 yard pass to Jacob Gruffman put the Crusaders quickly
into the red zone. A few plays later Curley hit Johan Stål
for another TD in the far left corner of the endzone. Again
the kick failed. Crusaders led 19-0 at the half.
The Crusaders opened the 2nd half
with an 11 play, 74 yard TD drive.
The drive consumed seven and a half
minutes of clock and effectively put
the game away. The drive was
capped off by Curley’s 4 yard TD on
a naked bootleg, his 4th TD of the
game (3 passing, 1 running). The
Crusaders succeeded on a 2-point
fake to make the score 27-0.
In the 4th quarter the Blitz were able to drive from their own 4 yard line to the Crusader 15,
aided by 45 yards in penalties against the Crusader defense. However, the Crusader defense
came back with 2 sacks at the end of the drive to end the Blitz best chance of the game to
crack the scoreboard. Final score was 27-0 to the Crusaders.

Text: Tracey Gere
Photo: Ingmarie Finsberg
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