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Klek Knights
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01.06.2010 Klek Knights

Knights for the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup

In the third round of the Challenge Cup, played on the May 29th 2010, 14:00hrs in "Mala Amerika" stadium in Zrenjanin, between Knights Klek and Sharks Gyor, Knights scored victory. The winner of the game won the ticket for the semi's, considering that the both teams had already outscored Istanbul Tigers. Excellent and experienced Sharks team started off very good, scoring the touchdown via running back no.42, from several downs, for 6-0. However, they failed to score an extra point. Answer came quickly, when Lazar Sporin made a 70yds pass to the wide-receiver Vukoje Igor for 6-6. Again, extra point try wasn't successful. Knights defensive line was up to it's task, so they managed do get the ball possession during the next Sharks' attack. Successful screen pass was then executed by Knights, and wide receiver Vukoje (no.80) scored another touchdown, followed by the extra point by the same player, for 13-6. Sharks' excellent running-back no.42 then revived his team with the running touchdown for 13-12 followed by the running-back's no.54 two-point conversion, for a new Gyor team lead of 13-14.
In their manner, Knights answered with what will become the play of the game, when, after fake reverse, wide-receiver no.85 threw a pass to the wide-receiver no.8 Zarko Suput who scored touchdown for 19-14 (with missed conversion).

Second halftime began great for Knights, when unstoppable wide-receiver Vukoje returned Sharks' kickoff for 80yds and scored for 27-14. Dragan Milanovic then made a successful two-point conversion for 29-14. Hungarian team got back to the game after a pass for the wide-receiver no.88 who scored touchdown, followed by running-back's no.42 touchdown run, adding to 27-26. There hadn't been any conversions after either touchdown. In the next attack, home quarterback Sporin made a successful pass to his wide-receiver no.80, who scored a touchdown for 33-26. Home team's worries about the outcome of the game were put to sleep two minutes before the final whistle after two successful forced fumbles by linebacker no.1 Skoric and defense liner no.95, Janecka. Playing safely during the last attack, Knights' running-back Milanovic Dragomir made a successful 30yds touchdown run and sealed the game with final 39-26. Although this game meant a lot for both teams, the game was fair and clean. The best player of the Sharks' team was their running-back no.42, who had ran over 150yds with two touchdowns. Knights' quarterback, Sporin, threw over 200yds, with 3 touchdown passes, while wide-receiver Vukoja ran over 350yds, and scoring 4 touchdowns.
Knights' opponent in the semi-finals will be Budapest Cowboys.
Division 3
Klek Knights 39613812
Györ Sharks266866

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