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31.05.2010 Cacak Angel Warrior

Cacak Angel Warrior - Dominantly to the semifinals

Team Čačak Angel Warrior, were able to handle easily Bucharest Warriors, and reach the Challenge Cup semi-finals. Although the victory of 47 points, as expected for future placement, looked like a very difficult task. Čačak was able to reach and overtaken the number. At the end of the match, the result was 68:0 for Angel Warriors. The game was played at the stadium of FC "Sloboda" in Čačak in the great atmosphere in front of about 500 local supporters.

Already in his first attack, RB Marko Protic achieved first Touchdown run for 25 yards with the successful conversion of Milos Jevremovic for 2 points. Immediately after, young DE Nikola Simovic, Touchdown is achieved from the defense, running for 30 yards after fumble (Filip Maksimovic for 2). Attack of Čačak was not long kept in the field because points were usually already achieved after the first action, while the defensive line managed to thwart any attempt by the Romanians. Touchdowns were going easily so that later in the match WR Milos Jevremovic scored two times, both times in the pass from quarterback 30 yards Djordje Avramovic with one conversion for 2 Jevremovic. Touchdown in his first senior competition, scored and junior, WR Jovan Pavlovic run in 31 yard (Tanovic for 2). Then came the third Touchdown Jevremovic to pass from 20 yards Avramovic. By the end of the half, once again scored Protic, this time running for 10 yards (Avramovic for 2) and this enabled his team to go on holiday with the necessary privilege.
The second half opened again Jevremovic phenomenal run of 60 yards (Zivkovic for 2). After that the chance that got all the juniors and took a great advantage, especially in defense, allowing opponents to take less than 50 yards for the entire half. By the end of the match, with no major excited. In the last quarter FB Branislav Markovic set the final score a 3 yard run (Maksimovic for 2).
Best in the ranks of the hosts were WR Milos Jevremovic, scoring 177 yards with 4 and 2 Touchdown conversion for 2 points and Djordje Avramovic quarterback who switched to the 224 yard Touchdown passes and the conversion for 2 points. Great defense, led by LB Aleksandar Jovanovic with over 20 takedowns.
Angel Warriors’s FB Branislav Marković said after the match: "In front of us was a difficult goal, but we managed to achieve it thanks to the great game of the whole team. I congratulate my team on its victory and place in the semifinals. Now we have to practice harder and hopefully bring the cup in our city."
Warrior’s semi-final opponent will be Istanbul Cavaliers who just won the title of champion of Turkey a few day ago.
Division 2
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