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La Courneuve Flash
(c) La Courneuve Flash


17.05.2010 La Courneuve Flash

Vienna Vikings won the quarter-final against La Courneuve

Not much place to run for the Flash
(c) Flash de la Courneuve
Not much place to run for the Flash
(c)Flash de la Courneuve

Revenge of the quarter-finals of the Eurobowl 2009 (won by the Flash 14-03 Austrian clay) have not kept all its promises Saturday night in La Courneuve, at least not for the Flash….

Indeed, the Vienna Vikings team had not made the trip for nothing. They have inflicted one of the biggest defeats in Flash for the last 6 years.
44-07, it is on this score that the Flash leaving the European competition this year.

After the Vikings won the Toss and lift the ball on the 38 yards, they just needed five plays to be into the end zone for the first points of the game.

The Flash will not find the fault on his first offensive series and will be content to 1, 2, 3 punt.

In the drive after the Vikings will throw the football 2 times, but mostly carried it 8 times by their RB n° 25 and arrived in the 15 yards line of the Flash, they will be stop by an interception of Flash CB n°3.
The Flash was also intercepted 9 plays latest, on the Vikings 15 yards line, while the game seemed to be balanced between both teams.

The Vikings will take advantage of this Flash error and score a second TD in the next five minutes.

During the next drive, the Flash will loose the ball again on a fumble covered by the Vikings, who took the opportunity to enter a third time in the end zone for another TD before halftime.

Back from the locker rooms with a deficit of 21 points, the Flash hoped to score at the beginning of the third quarter-time, especially since we have the kick off return.
Unfortunately, a misunderstanding between the players on the kick off return team appeared, and the Vikings recovered the football left alone …

Three plays later, a fourth TD for the Vikings. Score 28-00, the morale of the players from La Courneuve and their hopes of victory were at the lowest.

And despite a surge of pride and a TD in the fourth quarter (when the Vikings had begun to turn their backup personel), nothing will change for the Flash and they can only see the difference of football level between the two teams.
The Vikings held their play quietly until the end of the game, scoring two more passing TD and a safety…

Final Score Flash 07 vs. Vikings 44.
QF 4
La Courneuve Flash70070
Vienna Vikings441414160

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