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17.05.2010 Kragujevac Wild Boars

Wild Boars beat Marines

Wild Boars Kragujevac - Rome Lazio Marines 28:7 (14:0, 0:0, 14:7, 0:0)

Today at Susica field in Kragujevac, in front of about 1500 spectators, home team Kragujevac Wild Boars beat Italian team Lazio Rome with score 28-07. Wild Boars did a great job on offence, contoling the field and the clock, and defence stoped all Lazio attacks, never giving them a chance to score in first half.

Boars have started strong from the start. On the first drive Wild Boars
scored after a great run down the side by running back Aleksandar Ristic, a great run for 15 yards, and PAT was fielded by kicker Nenad Bozanic, and the Boars take the early lead 7-0, and later in first quarter Ristic mixed the entire defense of Italian team to score 40 yard TD, his second . At half time the score was 14:0.

At the beginning of the second half Wild Boars returned opening kick off for TD, on a great return by Janos Serfozo for 102 yards, to make it 21-0. Later in 3rd quarter Lazio Rome scored on a 15 yard TD pass from quarterback Simone Mingoli to WR Giorgi Polidori, to make it 21 - 7. Boars responded with another great run by Ristic, and Qb Mani Diaz scored 2 yard TD on a QB sneak, to make it 28-07 at the end of 3rd quarter. Wild Boars went on to secure the lead until the end of the game, at the end score was 28-07.

Group B
Kragujevac Wild Boars28140140
Rome Lazio70070

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