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Carlstad Crusaders


17.05.2010 Carlstad Crusaders

Carlstad Crusaders defeat Solleröd Gold Diggers

The Crusaders receive a long kickoff to open the game that is returned for 19 yards. Penalties cause problems for the Crusaders on the ensuing drive, giving them a 3rd and 20 from their own 24th yardline. Rob Curley then finds an open Johan Stål who takes it all the way for the first score of the game. The Crusaders miss their 2-point try.

The Gold Diggers return the kickoff for 21 yards and start moving the ball with receptions from P. Fromberg and some good rushes from D. Pedersen. The Gold Diggers get to the Crusaders redzone, but three incomplete passes make it 4th and 10 at the 15 yard line. P. Fromberg then makes a field goal from 32 yards to make it 6-3 on the score board.

The Crusaders start to have problems moving the ball and are forced to punt. The Gold Diggers are not much better and are also forced to punt after producing two first downs. In the following series, both teams continue to struggle on offense and are usually forced to punt from their own half of the field. The Gold Diggers are a little bit more effective and do produce a few first downs while the Crusaders are often three and out.

On one of the Gold Diggers drives, “Will” LB’r Joel Svensson of the Crusaders tackles the Gold Diggers running back and forces a fumble. Mark Leggiero of the Crusaders recovers the ball for a first down at the Crusaders 30 yard line. The Crusaders seem to find some momentum, and start to move the ball with good passes from Curley to Johan Stål, Fredrik Eklund and Daniel Eriksson. Christian Forsman gets two first downs by running the ball about 15 yards each. The drive is finished by a 1 yard run from Christen Monclair for a TD. Viktor Jansson kicks the PAT to make the score 13-3 to the Crusaders.

The Gold Diggers start their following drive at their own 18 yard line. After a penalty for a late hit the Gold Diggers advance the ball to their 33rd yardline. They drive the ball down the field with receptions by S. Bakbol and J.Hansen. However, the next pass is intercepted by defensive back Viktor Jansson. The Crusaders then run the ball to run out the clock for the first half.

The third quarter opens with a kickoff from the Crusaders. The Crusaders defense is now playing great and shuts the Danes down. In the following drive, the Crusaders take the ball down to the Gold Diggers red zone. On an under thrown pass to Johan Stål in the endzone, defensive back M. Sejersbol makes an extraordinary interception by catching the ball after tipping it twice. The Gold Diggers get the ball at their own 10th yardline and move the ball all the way down to Crusaders 15. The drive is set up by excellent play from Gold Diggers quarterback A. Cimadon. However, on 3rd and 10 Cimadon throws a pass to J.Hansen that is intercepted by Robert Bakke King of the Crusaders at the 2 yard line.

The Crusaders then get one first down and punt the ball. The punt is quite short, giving the Gold Diggers good field position at the middle of the field. The Gold diggers are not able to take advantage of this opportunity after some good plays by Crusader defensive lineman Olof Flemström.

The Crusaders are again moving the ball with a good mix of passes and runs. The offense line is now playing really good and RB Christian Forsman makes some spectacular runs, breaking numerous tackles. This sets up a 2 yard TD run from Forsman. Viktor Jansson kicks the ball for the PAT and the score is 20-3.

The Gold Diggers are now pressed to score with less then 4 minutes on the game clock. The Gold Diggers get a first down, but it is erased by a penalty. They start to go for big plays, but good defensive coverage forces the Gold Diggers to try a 4th and 27 from their own 8 yard line. They don’t make it, and the Crusaders are then able to score on an 8 yard run from Forsman with 1 min and 34 seconds left in the game.

After receiving the ball and advancing past midfield, the Gold Diggers miss short on a field goal from 55 yards on the last play of the game.

Rikard Borg and Tracey Gere
Carlstad Crusaders
Group C
Carlstad Crusaders 2667013
Sollerod Gold Diggers33000

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