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14.05.2010 Istanbul Tigers

Istanbul Tigers @ Klek Knights

For the first time ever Klek Knights met with a Turkish opponent, I.T.U. Tigers. This year Klek Knights are challenged by Györ Sharks and Istanbul Tigers. The Turkish team, Tech Tigers had little expectation for the finals, since they’ve lost 34 – 20 to the Sharks, in Hungary. Now, the group final on a „Northern route“, will be played between the Knights and the Sharks and the winner of this group will play its semifinal
against Bologna Doves or Budapest Cowboys. The match between Knights and Tigers was held on Satrurday afternoon at 4 pm. Marmara University
BESYO field. The Istanbul Tigers defense was successfull in defending gap runs and reverse plays. However, they made huge mistakes in 3rd and long and 4th and long situations. The Knights offense was anchored by the # 80 WR and running back who did carry the ball for 150+ yards, and scored 4 TDs. and 2 two point conversions.
First quarter of the game was warm up for both teams and clock run with no
points on the scoreoard. First TD was a 4th and long situation where Knights #80 faked the punt and ran for 60 yards, untouched. PAT was successfull and Klek took the lead; 0 – 7. The Tigers replied quickly and #81 Emirhan Çinçik ran for 5 yards. Faisal Koper kicked the PAT and tied the game at 7 – 7. The 2nd TD for Knights was a post route pass to #8 WR on thier first play after the kick return. However, they missed the PAT and the score was 7 - 13. Then the Tigers dominated the second quarter of the game with 2 TDs of #81 Emirhan Çinçik and 2 PATs of Faisal Koper. First offense scored with a running TD and then the defense returned an interception for a TD in the last play of the half. Both PATs were succesfull and half time score was 21- 13 for Tigers.

However, Knights came back strong in the second half. They passed to the flats and ran to the sideline. Tigers defense could not defend the flats well and Knights # 80 scored 2 running TDs in the 3rd quarter and converted one of 2 point attempts succesfully. Only Tigers TD of the 3rd quarters came from RB #33 Mansur Yilmaz with a 3 yard run. PAT was blocked by the Knights and the 3rd quarter score was 27 – 28 for the Knights. Last quarter of the game the Tigers hopes sank with lots of turnovers and penalties in critical downs, which brought plenty of
automatic 1st downs to the Knights, in 4th and long situations. So Knights chew the clock on the Tigers, scoring one TD by their sensational offensive back, # 80. The Tigers offense fumbled the football six times, four of them were lost and intercepted once. Five turnovers in total hurt their productivity. Especially considering taht their 2 loses were in Klek red zone. Knights played a balanced game. However, their big plays came in 3rd and long or 4th and long situations.
Oktay Çavuş

Division 3
Istanbul Tigers 2702160
Klek Knights36013158

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