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Amsterdam Crusaders
(c) Amsterdam Crusaders


06.05.2010 Amsterdam Crusaders


London Blitz could not be stopped
(c) Amsterdam Crusaders
London Blitz could not be stopped
(c)Amsterdam Crusaders

The Amsterdam Crusaders needed a big win over the British champion to be able to qualify for the next round. However, it was the team from London that took control and dominated the game. The London Blitz dominated the football game from start to finish.
London Blitz won the coin-toss and elected to receive the ball. Their first drive, that started from their own 30 yard line, took them in 6 plays to the Crusaders 14 yard line. There, on a 4th and 1, they decided to go for it but the ‘Cru’ defense stopped them and after the measurement the ball was turned over on downs.
The Crusaders offense tried to get on the board first but a 29 yard field goal attempt by Ronald Hein was blocked and recovered by the Blitz. On the ensuing drive the Blitz managed to drive downfield and kick a 29 yard fieldgoal just before the end of the 1st quarter (00-03).
The Blitz added two more touchdowns in the first half to take a 0-15 lead into the locker room.
The 3rd quarter saw the London Blitz score two more touchdowns and a conversion to extend their lead to 00-28. The Cru finally managed to get on the scoreboard courtesy of a 56 yard touchdown pass from QB Rachied Mohamed Rashied to receiver Leroy Teunis and a conversion from Ronald Hein. (07-28)
Two fourth quarter turnovers spoiled any chance of a Crusader comeback. The Blitz managed a late touchdown to extend their lead and notch the final score at 07-35.
The heavy rain and harsh conditions made it a very difficult to control the ball and the British took full advantage of every turnover. Amsterdam will have to bounce back from this loss and continue in their national competition where they will be facing the leader from the South division, the Maastricht Wildcats, next week.
Group D
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London Blitz35312137

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