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05.05.2010 Valencia Firebats

Valencia is beaten by Templiers

The Valencia Firebats obtained their first ever victory in a European competition and they did it by 17 points (18-35) what gives them a ticket to the Eurobowl quarter finals. The French team Elancourt Templeirs were the favorites after beating Bergamo Lions at home and could even afford to lose, but by no more than 15 points. The game started the best way it could of possibly gone for the local team, after a fluid drive by the Firebats that was ended with a 30 yard Td by Owens #3, who took advantage of his o line Blocks to make his away into the end zone. The following extra point was missed.
After the kick off the Templeirs couldn´t move the ball and after a 3 and out and the ball was back to the Firebats who after another good drive command by Stuart Franklin through shorts passes and run plays by Owens, couldn´t get the points up in the score after missing a 30 yard Field Goal.
In the following drive the French team put together a sequences of first downs mainly through the hands of their running #1, who himself after a 5 yard run score their first Td of the day. The following extra point was blocked by the Firebats defense.
During the second quarter both defenses dominated the opponents Offence although was the Firebats offence who move the chain more often. The great work from the D line and the linebacker put the visiting Qb in a lot of pressure forcing him be through dangerous passes that were few times nearly intercepted slipping through the Firebats SS Tachu Orue. After returning the punt the Firebats offence managed to put another tds in the scoreboard thank to a 55 yards reception by Gonzalo Carbajosa. The extra point by Aparicio #1 was good. With a 6-13 the first half came to and end.
On the initial kick of return by the French team a spectacular return by #84, put the local defense against the wall in his own 15 yard line, but after a good stand and heavy pressure over the French Qb, rookie linebaker Enrique Zucchet made a key interception to gave the ball back to the Firebats offence.
The local offence made good used of their talented receivers, what opened more spaces for runningbacks Owens #3 and Brisbane #44 and was Owens who scored another Td’s after a 21 yard run into the endzone, followed by the extra point converted by Aparicio. On the other hand the visitor team could not score during the 3rd quarter and was William Norwood #18 who after a 11 yard catch put the Firebats 23 points, the extra point was converter by Aparicio.
21 points behind the French team just need it a Td to qualified for the quarterfinals and their intentions were clearly stated after a rushing Td from their Qb#15, but the response was quick by the local team that after a good drive managed to put another score in the board from Norwood´s hands #18. In order to keep the difference the offence went for the 2 points, but they could not materialize them.
In the following drive the local defense put the French offence against their own end zone and the pressure resulted on the 2 precious points need it to qualified. Was after a bad snap in the punt that gave the chance to Altarriba #23 to make a play and obtained a safety.
The score was 12-35 and the French offence put the machine to work again and after completing several passes they managed to get to the locals red zone and after few running plays by the powerfull Qb, the visitor team reduced the score to 17 points, the attempt for the 2 points was unsuccessful. With two minutes left in the clock the Elancourt tried and onsite kick that went out of bounds. With the ball on hand of the local offence the time run out and the Firebats managed to pull the unthinkable.
Division 1
Valencia Firebats 3567148
Elancourt Templiers1860012

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