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30.04.2010 EFAF

Places in the quarterfinals at stake in the EFL

This weekend's EFL games determine the four teams that win their respective groups and advance to the quarterfinals where last year's semifinal teams will be waiting.

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In division 1´s last game, the Valencia Firebats host the Elancourt Templiers. Valencia's victory would mean that all three teams stand at two points, and then the division winner would be determined by points difference. The winner of division 1 will visit the defending champs Tirol Raiders in the quarterfinals.

In division 2 the Stockholm Mean Machines fight the Berlin Adler for the right to travel to Finland for a quarterfinal against the Porvoo Butchers. Adler's point difference is at +10, so the Swedes need a victory of more than 10 points.

Division 3's final game is Danube Dragons-Belgrade Blue Devils. The winner of the division will play the Graz Giants in the quarterfinals. Thonon Böack Panthers stand at 1-1, so a Dragons victory would seal a division win.

Division 4's first place will be determined in a game between the Vienna Vikings and the Badalona Dracs. Both teams are 1-0 after wins over the Bolzano Giants. The winner of the game will meet La Courneuve Flash.

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