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Cougars of Saint Ouen l’Aumône
(c) Cougars of Saint Ouen l’Aumône


21.04.2010 Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars

Cougars against Crusaders

In Front of 1 800 spectators, the Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars were hosting the Amsterdam Crusaders fot their 1st appearance in a european cup.
The Cougars started in offense and scored on a 1yd run from Sébastien TOREL.
The PAT went left score 6-0.
On their 2nd drive the Crusaders still trying to install their running game had forced fumble from the Strong Safety Michaël DONATI recovered by Chris KOVALCIK.
Then the Cougars add 3pts on a 31yds Field Goald by Donati.
In the 2nd QT the two defenses took advantage of the offenses.
Score at half time 9-0

1st play of the 2nd half and a forced fumble by Cougars LB Stéphane BAGO recovered by Benjamin COLLAS.
The Cougars only needed 2 plays to scored another TD on a 6 yds pass from the QB Ryan GOODMAN to TE César HEBEL.
PAT was blocked. Score 15-0
The Crusaders changed their QB puting BARTOLOZZI who had success quickly with a 10yds TD pass to his WR LOF.
2pts conversion on a run by CASTELEN put the score at 15-8.
On the KOR, Thomas NIANG ran 93yds to the Crusaders End Zone and don’t let Amsterdam take the momentum. Score 21-8.
Start of the 4th QT, the Crusaders are driving pretty well the field arriving on the Cougars 4yds line, but a forced fumble by Alyou TRAORE recovered by Dan VOSS gave the ball back in the hand of the home team.
After a 92yds drive, Coach Mas on a 4th down called a fake field goal wich result on a passing TD by Donati to Niang. Score 27-8.
In the last 2minutes, Bartolozzi threw a 2nd TD pass to GRAANOOGST to end the score at 27-14.
Now the Cougars have to win in London to qualify for the semi finals.
Group D
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