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Clear win of Danube Dragons over Thonon Black Panthers

Danube Dragons vs. Thonon Black Panthers 50:21 (14:7, 14:0, 15:7, 7:7)

Austrian EFL newcomers Danube Dragons clearly dominated French
championship runners-up Thonon Black Panthers and won 50:21 during their
EFL debut at their home stadium in Korneuburg/Austria this weekend. The
next game of Division 3 will take place on May 1st in Belgrad, where the
Danube Dragons will face their namesake - the Serbian Blue Dragons - who
had been clearly defeated by Thonon 0:55 before.

Selfconfident due to this former clear win over the Blue Dragons and due
to another victory over the winner of last year's championship
final Flash de la Corneuvre the Black Panthers arrived in Austria with
great expectations.

After a fierce start of the Danube Dragons with a touchdown in the first
drive by 65-yards-sprinting runningback Andrej Kliman the Panthers
counterattacked 7:7 but were slowed down by the Dragon's defense who
resisted the predators successfully until the third quarter nearly had
passed by. The Panther's defense was not able to bare their teeth and
command respect in return.

The result: a second touchdown by Kliman, two by his team-mate Stefan
Scharinger (including an impressive somersault over the French defense)
and two outstanding catches by Thomas Haider of touch-down passes of
the strongly performing quarterback Eric Marty who later completed the
final touchdown of the Dragons himself. Kicker Martin Wunderer
successfully performed all PAT-kicks, Franz Kolohsar achieved a

When the Dragons were leading 43:7 during the third quarter they
replaced a number of players with their back-ups enabling the
Panthers to catch up and score twice. Nevertheless they were not able to
change the result - to be sent home defeated by the Danube Dragons.

*Dragons scores:*
Andrej Kliman 12
Stefan Scharinger 12
Thomas Haider 12
Eric Marty 6
Martin Wunderer 6
Franz Kolohsar 2


Fred Wells 12
Jean Baptiste Senecot 6
Mathieu De Mateis 1
Michael Blejean 1
Aurelien Dehais 1

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