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16.04.2010 AFVD

Eurosport 2 to broadcast Germany-Japan live

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The inaugural German-Japan-Bowl at Düsseldorf's ESPRIT Arena on April 24 will have live TV coverage throughout Europe. Paris-based Eurosport, Europe's leading TV sports channel, will air the first game between Germany and Japan on Eurosport 2, the live-broadcast will start with kickoff at 7 p.m. CET (5 p.m. GMT) and be available in the Western an Southern parts of Europe. In Northern and Eastern Europe as well as in the Asia Pacific region tape-delayed coverage will is scheduled. Eurosport 2 is the digital channel of the Eurosport group, often used for live broadcasting and with a special emphasis on American sports. The Eurosport 2 program is broadcasted in up to ten languages and available through most major TV cable systems. In Germany and Austria the program may be received via Astra satellite, live streaming via IP-TV may be accessed worldwide at http://video.eurosport.de/eurosport-player.

Two time world champion and current vice world champion Japan and Germany, third-placed at the last World Cup, never played each other before. Additionally the German-Japan-Bowl marks the first time both countries engage in an intercontinental friendly game. The immense logistic effort behind is made possible, because hosting German federation AFVD teamed up with the management of the ESPRIT Arena, former home of NFL Europe's Rhein Fire. Arena management hopes to revive a longstanding Düsseldorf American Football tradition in its own special way and Germany's AFVD and Japan's JAFA have agreed to turn the German-Japan-Bowl into a series of regular friendly games between the two nations with matchups in years preceding IFAF World Cups and rotating home field advantage.

Before it's time for the IFAF World Cup 2011, the Germans will of course have this year's EFAF European Championships in mind, when facing what should be the ultimative opponent in terms of preparation for the EC (July 24 - July 31) at Frankfurt/Main. After beating European rivals Sweden and France in their last games, to challenge Japan was the next logical step for the Germans in their quest for the European title. As Japan finished ahead of Germany in both last World Cups, but never had to prove its superiority directly on the field, Germany's claim to deserve the number 2 spot outside of North America now is at stake at Düsseldorf. At IFAF's Junior World Championships Germany's junior team lost its quarterfinal against Japan. This loss once again fueled the rivalry, as not only in Germany there is the notion, the Germans would have been a dignified semifinalist rather than a fifth-place team at the tournament. And as it is not unlikely that both nations may face each other again at the 2011 IFAF World Cup in Austria the game at Düsseldorf has way more significance than an ordinary friendly game.

The live-TV-coverage on Eurosport 2 will provide American Football fans all over Europe with the opportunity to experience the special spirit that may evolve from the clash between Germany and Japan. The German federation AFVD is hoping to set a new attendance record for non-tournament games of its national team (the old mark is 5,700 and dates back to 1997). This will be helped by the fact, that Düsseldorf is one of the major centres of Japanese business activities in Europe and has a special history of well-attended Japan-related events in sports or arts. In all the German-Japan-Bowl should further gear up fan interest in Germany - the Düsseldorf game is played exactly three months before the eagerly awaited Germany-Austria clash that will open up the European Championships at Frankfurt/Main.

Tickets and more information: www.german-japan-bowl.de

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