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16.04.2010 EFAF

EFAF Cup 2010 kicks off

This year's EFAF Cup starts this weekend with three games. L´Hospitalet Pioners host the Parma Panthers, the Calanda Broncos visit Rome Lazio and the Amsterdam Crusaders travel to a road game against Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars.

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The EFAF Cup semifinals will be played in the first weekend of June and the final in July.

EFAF Cup 2010 schedule:

EFAF 17.04.10 17:00h L´Hospitalet Pioners vs. Parma Panthers Complex Esportiu L`Hospitalet Nord

EFAF 17.04.10 18:00h Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars vs. Amsterdam Crusaders Parc de Sports of Saint Ouen l`Aumônt

EFAF 17.04.10 15:00h Rome Lazio vs. Calanda Broncos

EFAF 01.05.10 19:15h Zurich Renegades vs. L´Hospitalet Pioners Stadion Buchholz Uster

EFAF 01.05.10 13:00h Calanda Broncos vs. Kragujevac Wild Boars Ringstrasse Chur

EFAF 02.05.10 15:00h Amsterdam Crusaders vs. London Blitz Sportpark Sloten

EFAF 15.05.10 16:00h London Blitz vs. Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars

EFAF 15.05.10 19:00h Carlstad Crusaders vs. Sollerod Gold Diggers Tingvalla IP Karlstad

EFAF 15.05.10 21:00h Parma Panthers vs. Zurich Renegades XXV Aprille Parma

EFAF 16.05.10 11:00h Kragujevac Wild Boars vs. Rome Lazio Stadium Susica, Kragujevac

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