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Badalona Dracs
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10.04.2010 Badalona Dracs

Successful return of the Dracs

It was a warm Saturday afternoon and the sun was shinning which would give the ideal conditions to mark the return of the Badalona Dracs to the highest European Competition of American Football after playing two years in the EFAF Bowl. The oposing team was the reigning Champions of the Italian League the Bolzano Giants. Both teams wanting to prove and show the rest of Europe how serious they were about their run towards winning the competition.

With the stands full of eager people to watch the game the captains met for the first time in the middle of the field but for sure wouldn't be the last time they would be face to face.
Badalona Dracs won the coin toss and selected as always to receive the ball so their offense could start on the field.

The first Quarter started off on a bad note for the Badalona Dracs as their return man Sergio VillaseƱor Jr was slightly injuried due to a hit. This showed the the game was going to be a hard hitting one and taking no prisoners. It was all defense as both offence struggled to place the ball in the endzone, this demostrated that it was going to be an even game and field position would be important to not let the other team get ahead on the score board. Badalona Dracs finally broke the even score with a 33 yard field goal converted by # 13 Xavi Gonzalo Arango. the score at the end of the First Quarter was of 3-0 in favor of the locals.

The Second Quarter the Bolzano's offense started to move the ball with both pass and run plays taking yards as the Dracs defense seemed to struggle to stop them. Finally the Bolzano team scored as their running back #8 entered the endzone from 8 yards out but the extra point was missed so the scored was 3-6 showing the equality on the field. Dracs running back #27 Nordi Ben Moussa, scored a 67 yard with his vision to see the spaces in the Giants defense and good down field blocking. # 13 Xavi Gonzalo Arango tag on the Extra point placing the score 10-6. Badalona Dracs defense added to the score by mediation of #75 defense end Marcos Carmona sacking Bolzano Giants Quarterback in the Endzone making it a safety leaving the score at half time of 12-6.

The crowd was enjoying the game displayed by both teams leaving everything on the field, as the teams left the field, Badalona Cheerleaders rushed on to entertain the crowd with their half time routine, which the crowd enjoyed and cheered on.

The third Quarter told a different story as the Badalona Dracs defense came out on fire stopping several times the Bolzano Giants Offense with great plays and interceptions. With #2 David Oredugba scoring from 20 yards out. Badalona went for the two point convertion which was converted by #88 Marcel Reuters catching a pass for Quarterback #7 Sergio Gonzalo Arango. This left the game 20-6 but wouldn't be the only scores as #2 David Oredugba caught a pass from #7 Sergio Gonzalo Arango showing that Dracs Offense had learnt and adapted to the Giants defense. #13 Xavi Gonzalo Arango added the extrapoint making it 27-6.

With that score the teams entered the fourth and final quarter of the game. Bolzano Giants sideline was starting to look thinner in numbers as players started to get injuried showing the aggressivity of the game and hard hitting. Bolzano was not dead yet as #16 Quarterback scored a touchdown with a 1 yard run setting the score 27-12, the celebration of the touchdown was short lived due to in the same place #16 got injuried and leaving the Bolzano offense with one of their key players. # 13 Xavi Gonzalo Arango scored the final fieldgoal to set the score 30-12 and leaving the game out of reach for the Bolzano Giants.

This is a good result for the Badalona Dracs and will get ready and need to improve some areas to take on their next big game against the Viena Vikings in Viena.
Division 4
Badalona Dracs 3039153
Bolzano Giants120606

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