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Reggio Emilia Hogs
(c) Reggio Emilia Hogs


17.07.2009 Reggio Emilia Hogs


Truly endless the 2009 season for the Hogs Reggio Emilia. The team lead by coach Dwaine Hatch is the last Italian team still in competition. This oncoming Saturday, kickoff at 21:00, the Hogs will enter Stadium Torelli in Scandiano for the last act of the Challenge Cup, the third European competition. The opponents will be the Gyor Sharks, from Hungary.

Hogs vs Pancevo
(c) Giulio Busi
Hogs vs Pancevo
(c)Giulio Busi

The Hogs are the only Italian team still with a chance to grab an International Trophy after they missed the chance to play in the IFL (top level League in Italy) playoffs only at the last regular season game. That made the Challenge Cup a primary objective for the Hogs.

EFAF received offers from both teams for the Final organization: the BOD awarded the Hogs and President Ruozzi spoke his happiness: “the Hogs will have a double task: win on the field and off the field with the quality of organization. We can’t hide the fact that the Final game of a European Competition is NOT like a regular season game. We will have to host the Sharks and the refereeing crew and we must guarantee a surrounding atmosphere with shows and initiatives on par with the level of the game. Therefore live music, hopefully cheerleaders, bar, selling counters with gadgets, national anthems and so forth. We are the favourites to win but the Sharks will surely put up a very good fight. I just hope that our guys will be able to cope with the pressure of being the only Italian team still in competition”.

As a demonstration of the great season, the Hogs entered into the EFAF Top 20 teams, which is the highest point in the 25 year sport career of the Hogs. So maximum concentration this week in the last practises, than the whole team will be allowed to think about vacation and the sea.

Actually NOT the whole team, as Caccialupi, Ligabue and Trenti have been selected to play in the Senior National Team that in August will take part in the European Championship and will play Austria and Spain. If You have good players, the coaches must also be good and as a matter of fact also Coach Rossi has been selected as the Defensive Coordinator of the Blue Team. Coach Rossi started his coaching career in Reggio Emilia and all 3 selected players come out of the Junior system of the Hogs. This is a testament of the way the team has been working in the last 8 years, with one of the best Junior team programs of Italy (37-0 in regular season in the last 7 years, 2 titles won, 3 times Vice-Champions) together with Parma, Bologna, Verona, Roma and Torino. So this game will be a great celebration anyway, regardless of the result, of the great strides and efforts this team has made in the last years.

As for the evening, following here is the program of the evening and it must be reminded that once again the game will be covered LIVE on the čTV circuit, which is a macroregional TV covering most of Northern and Central regions.

Last year the Superbowl played in Bologna between the Hogs Reggio Emilia and the Warriors Bologna was covered LIVE and registered more than 160.000 contacts during the evening. To remark the importance of this game for the Italian Football Community, we must remark that not even the IFL Superbowl this year was broadcasted live, so this is a great accomplishement for the Hogs organization. The game will also be available in LIVE Streaming for the happiness of the US crowd that has been following the Hogs since Coach Hatch started to coach in 2000.

Evening Programme:
17:30 Teams arrival at the stadium
17:45 Cocktail party at the pool beside the stadium with EFAF authorities
19:00 Gates and ticket counters opening
19:30 Warm-up teams
20:30 Gyor Sharks entering the field
20:35 Reggio Emilia Hogs entering the field
20:40 National Anthems
20:50 Coin Toss
21:00 Ceremonial Kick-off
21:05 Kick-off

Senior Ticket for numbered stands 10 €
Junior Ticket for numbered stands (11-17 years of age) 5 €
Parterre 5 €
Free admission if younger than 10 years old.

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