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Reggio Emilia Hogs
(c) Reggio Emilia Hogs


07.06.2009 Reggio Emilia Hogs


HOGS REGGIO EMILIA - PANCEVO PANTHERS 63 - 15 (14-7/21-0/21-8/7-0)
First of all kudos to the Pancevo Panthers: they left with 27 players on
Friday night, travel for 1000 Km. slept on the bus, arrived, played, ha
d dinner TOGETHER with the Hogs team and then left again to go back to S
erbia. They must really love american Football and our hats are raised f
or them.

Hogs vs Pancevo
(c) Giulio Busi
Hogs vs Pancevo
(c)Giulio Busi

Hogs without the leading IFL rusher Niles Mittasch (1416 yds rushing in
9 games), still recovering after a hit from the Kragujevac game, but
with RB Max Trenti coming back after a 3 weeks layoff.

The Hogs start the game with a long scoring drive and a TD by the veteran RB Vaccari Fabrizio (PAT good, actually 9 for 9 for the young kicker Niccolo' Iotti in this night). The Panthers QB Willie Sheird shows off the arm in the next drive with a 50 yds. bomb on WR Bosnjak, although the drive ends with a punt. On the next Hogs possession it is young RB Luca Callegati that scores with a 38 yds. sweep. Then the Panthers have a nice reaction and build their best drive of the day. QB Sheird finds rythm and hits multiple times #7 Vojteh and #19 Bosnjak and end with a TD pass on #19 Bosnjak. The kicker Cikic transforms and the first quarter ends with the Panthers right behind the Hogs.

The second quarter seals the game, though: the Hogs defense adjusts putting pressure on the QB, Vaccari and Callegati score another TD each and then WR/DB Manny Diaz intercepts the ball on defense and on the following drive gets a TD Pass from the hands of QB Leonard
o Lazzareti, taking the score to 35-7 for the Hogs.

The second half starts with another interception of the QB Sheird by the
hands of Manny Diaz. Then a nice TD run by Vaccari ad a Punt Return for
a TD by Diaz take the Hogs to a score of 49-7. And here the Panthers re
act again: nice combinations between Sheird and Bosnjak (a very good WR)
and the Panthers, alternating between shot-gun and Iso, hit the flats a
nd even use a reverse with Vojteh. Then with a little trick play score a
deserved TD with #8 Kosanovich. Same trick play on the 2pts. conversion
and score on 56-15 for the Hogs.

In the last quarter another score by the Hogs with FB Luca Fiorillo (who
gets flag because of a jump into the endzone with no opponent player in
the area...). The the game closes on a reception by WR Dario Amato, fin
ally getting a pass after at least 30 plays where he blocked for his tea
mmates. Final score then is 63-15 but the Panthers have shown some very
interesting players. When they went into a running formation theey were
able to relieve the pressure on QB Sheird. On defense for the Hogs it is
worth to mention an interception by the DB Giovanni Caccialupi and a sa
ck by DE Matteo Franceschini both Junior Players like Callegati.

Honor guest in the stands Coach Giorgio Longhi, Italian National Team
coach and former Defensive Coordinator for the Hogs in the previous 3 year
s (34-1 for the Hogs in these 3 years): "it was easy to predict a Hogs w
in, they are the favourite for the victory in the Challenge Cup. The OL
is very consistent, with Bruzzi and Musi the best on the field. Physical
ly the Panthers have been a match for the Hogs, but at this moment the e
xecution of the Wing-T of the Hogs is simply too much for the Panthers.

With the supervision of EFAF, there was a clinic in Serbia last month and I must say that the progress made in these 5 years by the Serbian Teams is amazing, especially by the coaches and by the organizations, Players are young and therefore a huge margin for improvement and with the addition of US imports this year the general level will increase a lot.".

The Hogs take first place in their division and now await the KLEK KNIGH
TS on Saturday the 27th of June again in Scandiano for the Challenge Cup

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