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Bergamo Lions
(c) Bergamo Lions


13.05.2009 Bergamo Lions

Lions Bergamo – Elancourt Templiers: 26-27

OSIO SOTTO – The Templiers will make way for Graz for the Eurobowl quarterfinals: this is the verdict brought in at the end of the rubber game of Division 3, in which the transalpine players defeated the Lions with the narrow score of 27-26.

Hard Hitting Lions Defense against Pioners
(c) Bergamo Lions
Hard Hitting Lions Defense against Pioners
(c)Bergamo Lions

A beautiful, vibrant and balanced race from the beginning to the very end, as the teams chased and outrun each other on the scoreboard, hence a match always played on the razor’s edge, with the possibility of making the scale tip in one’s favour at any time following a single event.

The Lions scored first with a 10-yard pass from Mackey to Harris (+ Marone), but the French replied in the second quarter. They moved forward taking short steps with regular efficiency (Mattison’s throws could rarely exceed the medium range), thus often troubling the Bergamo defence arrayed in the «nickel» line-up. Dawodu (2.5 sacks for him) and the rest of the line in threes, helped by rare blitzes, however tried to press the Templiers’s quarterback, but they first draw due to a 5-yard pass by Matison to Gerard (+ Charret), then outrun the Bergamo team with another overhead combination, this time a 1-yard one for Couvin (+ Charret).

Later on, Mackey got a blow on his neck and was forced to leave the ground after the half-time, but in the meantime it served Harris once more, and the latter threw a 23-yard pass to the end zone (no trasf.).

At score 13-14 the French speeded up again when Mattison caught Couvin beyond the goal line 20 yards ahead (+ Charret) and the prospects for the Lions, without their regular quarterback for the rest of the match, were not at all bright.

However, in the second half, the new-entry Carminati did well by measuring out Graham’s runs and overhead game, through which the sort of the match changed once again: indeed the quarterback player threw two winning passes, a 13-yard one for Harris (2 no transf.) and a 21-yard one for Capodaglio (+ Marone), which brought the Bergamo team to 26-21.

In the last quarter, the wind changed and the Templiers resumed the lead with a 1-yard run by Mattison (blocked transf.): the ball went to the Lions who, in the final drive, first left the abyss when Graham closed a quarter down and one with a run that gained much more than necessary thus taking the golden helmets onto the line of the 40 French.

There was not much left to get to a working distance for a field-goal, but the castle collapsed all of a sudden, along with the Lions’ hopes, when a pass by Carminati was caught by Corroyer a little more than thirty seconds from the end and caused the elimination of the golden helmets.

Total Offece Lions : pass 127 yards - run 178 yards
Templiers : pass 299 yards - run 20 yards
Pass Lions : Mackey 8 to 12 for 77 yards 2 TDpass; Carminati 5 to 12 for 50 yards 2 TDpass
Pass Templiers : Mattison 35 to 49 for 299 yards 3 Tdpass
Run Lions : Graham 24 for 164 yards
Run Templiers : Mattison 11 for 4 yards 1Td
Rec. Lions : Harris 7 for 59 yards 3 TD

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