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30.04.2009 Thonon Les Baines

Thonon beats Swiss Champion

On Saturday April 25th, Thonon wrote a new page in its history by defeating the Calanda Broncos of Landquart, Switzerland, during the second weekend of EFAF Cup competition. The first weekend saw the Black Panthers defeat the Parma Panthers in Italy by the score of 40 to 14. This past Saturday, at JosephMoynatStadium, Thonon earned a 41-20 victory over their Swiss counterparts.

Black´s RB on the run
(c) Patrick Sanquer
Black´s RB on the run
(c)Patrick Sanquer

The home squad got off to a quick start thanks to two touchdowns by JasonJACKSON (run, pass). The Broncos replied to bring the score to 14 - 6 before Thonon regained a two touchdown lead (20 - 6) thanks to another major by JasonJACKSON. Landquart immediately responded with a major of their own, once again closing the score to 20-13 before Tory COOPER ran one in just before half-time to give the home squad a 27-13 lead.

Landquart got off to a solid second-half start and immediately closed the score to 27-20, but thanks to a long return on the ensuing kick-off, Tory COOPER was able to punch in the Black Panthers' 5th score of the evening to once again give the home team a two touchdown lead (34-20). Despite giving up 20 points, Thonon's defense made big plays when needed, three of these coming in the way of interceptions (Jean-BaptisteSENECOT, NolanGUERRAZ and TonyLEZOTTE). The 4th quarter saw hometown quarterback MaximeSPRAUEL deliver his 3rd and 4th touchdown passes of the evening - to Tight End Franck GALVIN and Fullback Dimitri KIERNAN - thus closing the score at 41-20.

Having won its first two EFAF Cup encounters, Thonon is now qualified for the semi-finals (June); at the time of this writing, the opponent is not yet known.

In the meantime, the Black Panthers are on the road this weekend with a contest against the Servals of Clermont-Ferrand on Saturday evening, May 2nd, at 8pm. The Thonon squad must win to preserve their hold on first place in the southern conference of the French championship.


Thonon Black Panthers - Calanda Broncos 41:20 (13:0, 14:13, 7:7, 7:0)
Stade JosephMoynat, Thonon. - environ 1000 spectateurs.
1er QT:
17-Yard-Passe : MaximeSprauel pour JasonJackson (XP raté) 6:0
62-Yard-Passe : MaximeSprauel pour JasonJackson (XP OK par StéphanePlassat) 13:0
2nd QT :
23-Yard-Passe : MarkoGlavic pour AaronJames (XP raté) 13:6
8-Yard-Course : Tory Cooper (XP OK par StéphanePlassat) 20:6
4-Yard-Course : MarkoGlavic (XP OK TissiRobinson) 20:13
2-Yard-Course : JasonJackson (XP OK par StéphanePlassat) 27:13
3ème QT :
8-Yard-Course : MarkoGlavic (XP OK par TissiRobinson) 27:20
23-Yard-Passe : MaximSprauel pour FranckGalvin (XP OK par StéphanePlassat) 34:20
4ème QT:
17-Yard-Passe : MaximeSprauel pour Tory Cooper (XP OK par StéphanePlassat) 41:20

Benoît SIROUET (Président)

56 Av. du Général De Gaulle
Stade J.Moynat
F-74 200 Thonon les Bains

Site Internet : http://www.les-black-panthers.org
Tél : (33) 04 50 70 21 87 (club) ou (33) 06 85 30 23 10 (perso)
ou 00 41 22 791 28 75 (bureau) Fax : 04 50 26 15 98
E-mail's : sirouetb@who.int ou b.panthers@wanadoo.fr

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