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Amsterdam Crusaders
(c) Amsterdam Crusaders


28.04.2009 Amsterdam Crusaders

Amsterdam Crusaders beat Farnham Knights on last play of game

The Farnham Knights, 2008 BAFL semi-finalist and 2004 EFAF Cup Finalist and the reigning AFBN Dutch champs matched up on windy afternoon in the shadows of the Aldershot Army Rugby Stadium.

Time to pass against Adler Defense
(c) Huddle Magazin
Time to pass against Adler Defense
(c)Huddle Magazin

Farnham ( UK ), Saturday 18 April 2009

The game was dominated by both defences and neither offense managed to score in the first half. The Crusaders did threaten early and were turned back at the Farnhamn one yard line on a holding call only to lose possession on the next play by way of a fumble. The Cru did tally a safety as a surge up the middle by DT Marcel Denneboom allowed LB Ingram Sarpong to drop the Knights ball carrier in his own endzone.

The Knights later would attempt a field goal to end the first half but the attempt sailed wide of the uprights leaving the visitors from Holland with a 00-02 lead.

In the second half, the audience were treated to a more interesting game as the Farnham offense began to gain more control over the Amsterdam defence which led to more first downs than the first stanza. At the end of a good drive, Knight’s QB Luke Smith hit WR Stealey Wills for a ten yard touchdown. The two point conversion failed however and the score stood at 06-02.

The fourth quarter saw the Knights get two more very close looks at the end zone off of turnovers but the Crusaders defence and two missed field goals kept the home team from changing the scoreboard.

With less than two minutes to play in the game, the Crusaders took possession with their backs to their own endzone. The drive that ensued moved the Cru steadily downfield and into the red zone. Time appeared to be the only factor that could keep the Crusaders from scoring. A botched snap with 9 seconds left in the game and no time outs seemed to seal the fate for the red and grey. However, a delay of game penalty on a Farnham defender when he tried to pry the ball loose from QB Claudio Bartolozzi’s hands gave the visitors one more chance at the endzone.

The Crusaders brought in their 'air-force' formation and assigned special goal line routes. The Offensive Line gave ample time to Bartolozzi who through a dart through the Knights defence to WR Revilinho Graanoogst who reeled the ball in and hung on despite being rocked by the Knights secondary. The PAT was not attempted as the Cru kneeled to secure the victory. (06-08).

The Crusaders will prepare for their home game against the Oslo Vikings on the 2nd of may. Both teams met two years ago in Oslo when the Crusaders won 27-21. It's promising to be an interesting matchup as the Vikings had two years to sharpen their axes for the rematch in Amsterdam .

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