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Moscow Patriots
(c) Moscow Patriots


30.03.2009 Moscow Patriots

Flash win in Russia the 2009 EFL kickoff game

March the 28th, 2009. Khimki in the Moscow region hosted the first game of the Eurobowl 2009. At the stadium «New Khimki» meet the team division D «Moscow Patriots» (Russia) and «Flash de La Courneuve» (France). Guests won with the score 28:13.

Flash stops Patriots
(c) EFAF
Flash stops Patriots

Despite the Patriots defeat, the first half of the game, to evaluate their coaches Dmitry Maximov and Vasilly Dobryakov, held on an equal footing.

The score was opened in the first quarter – «Patriot» Ronnie Williams (# 22) scored a touchdown, which has successfully implemented Stelmakh Ivan (# 24). Given that the team «Flash de La Courneuve» have a lot of athletes, members of the «NFL Europe» clubs, we can say that at the beginning of the game for the French did not succeed. During the first half they had 2 losses of ball and only for thirty seconds before the end of the second quarter Allen Jermaine (# 19) caught the football in the end zone. Halftime score 7:7.

Moscow attacks on the ground
(c) EFAF
Moscow attacks on the ground
Beginning the second half looked to «Moscow Patriots» as promising, despite the fact that the French team are beginning to show their high level of game. At first French QB Medeuf Teddy (# 18) scored - 10 yards touchdown for his team. Then the Patriots scored - pass Dmitry Sergeyev (# 12) is caught by Ramil Hisyametdinov (# 81). Intriguing score of 13:14 in the third quarter gave the Russians have a very good chance for aftergame, but Marc Angelo Souman (# 9) touchdown with its PAT increased the advantage «Flash de La Courneuve» and the score 28:13 in favor of the French team became final.

Offense Moscow
(c) EFAF
Offense Moscow
In the fourth quarter «Moscow Patriots» continued to fight, giving a 2500 spectators who came to the stadium «the New Khimki», enjoy the beautiful game. Russians started to risk with long-pass game, which unfortunately, was not successful. The score did not changed. On March the 28th, rival of «Moscow Patriots» was one of the strongest teams in Europe - great opponent for any club.

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